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Name Job Title State Denomination Premium Date Added
Candidate Wain View Picture Youth Worker other Other Premium 2015-07-26
Candidate Heine View Picture Youth Pastor NC Non-Denominational Premium 2015-07-20
Gold Star Listing Candidate Brack View Picture Pastor / Youth Pastor FL   Premium 2015-07-15
Candidate View Picture Youth Ministry CA Presbyterian - PCUSA Premium 2015-07-01
Candidate Carroll Youth Pastor/Pastoral Intern WV Baptist - SBC Premium 2015-04-20
Candidate Clark House Parent TN Baptist - Other Premium 2015-04-10
Candidate Youth Pastor TX Baptist - SBC Premium 2014-12-16
Candidate Quinn View Picture Youth Pastor WA Non-Denominational Premium 2014-11-01
Candidate Peter View Picture Youth Pastor WA Pentecostal Premium 2014-10-11
Candidate Cook Tom Cook Youth Pastor Resume ND Non-Denominational Premium 2014-10-02
Candidate Rogers View Picture Youth Pastor/Youth Ministry TX Baptist - Other Premium 2014-09-08
Candidate Betts View Picture Youth Ministry Director CA Baptist - Other Premium 2014-09-02
Candidate Barnes View Picture Youth Pastor TX Non-Denominational Premium 2014-05-28
Candidate Wenger View Picture Youth Pastor MO Non-Denominational Premium 2014-04-25
Candidate Christine Youth, Young Adult or Associate Pastor CA Non-Denominational Premium 2014-04-07
Candidate Lokey View Picture Youth Pastor GA Baptist - SBC Premium 2014-03-10
Candidate Forte View Picture Student Pastor VA Non-Denominational Premium 2014-01-11
Candidate View Picture Youth Pastor/Childrens Pastor OK Non-Denominational Premium 2014-01-07
Candidate Angle View Picture Youth Pastor PA Non-Denominational Premium 2013-06-11
Candidate Grote director of Christian formation NJ Non-Denominational Premium 2013-01-29
Candidate Weber Director of Family Ministries MN Lutheran Premium 2013-01-18
Candidate Friedmann View Picture Youth/Student Minister/Pastor TN Non-Denominational Premium 2013-01-17
Candidate "Ace" View Picture Student/Worship Pastor TX Baptist - SBC Premium 2012-11-28
Candidate Robinson View Picture Youth Minister TX Other Premium 2012-09-11
Candidate Duarte View Picture Youth Pastor CA Non-Denominational Premium 2012-08-18
Gold Star Listing Candidate Cox View Picture Youth/Family Minister OK Baptist - Other Premium 2012-08-17
Candidate Falldine View Picture Youth Ministry GA Baptist - Other Premium 2012-08-10
Candidate Jarrod View Picture Youth Pastor NC   Premium 2012-08-09
Candidate Risinger View Picture Student Ministries Pastor AZ Non-Denominational Premium 2012-08-02
Candidate P View Picture College/Youth Pastor CA Non-Denominational Premium 2012-07-26
Candidate Pousche View Picture Youth and Worship Pastor OR Other Premium 2012-07-19
Candidate Bowman View Picture Youth Pastor GA   Premium 2012-07-19
Candidate Coffelt View Picture Mrs. Amy Coffelt MO Baptist - SBC Premium 2012-04-19
Gold Star Listing Candidate Byrom View Picture Youth Minister AR Non-Denominational Premium 2012-04-13
Candidate Miner Music Ministry and/or Youth Ministry VA   Premium 2012-04-02
Candidate Rotteveel Youth Pastor FL   Premium 2012-03-20
Candidate Petrillo Youth Pastor NJ   Premium 2012-03-05
Candidate Lambert Youth and Family Pastor IL   Premium 2012-02-22
Candidate huhn View Picture youth pastor; youth director, associate pastor MN Evangelical Free Premium 2011-10-03
Candidate Dobbs Youth or College Pastor GA Non-Denominational Premium 2011-09-14
Candidate Strange View Picture Pastor CA   Premium 2011-08-11
Candidate Kaczmarek Youth Pastor AZ   Premium 2011-07-14
Candidate and View Picture Director of Youth and/or Worship Ministry AB   Premium 2011-06-17
Candidate L. View Picture Youth Ministry Director/Youth Minister/Youth and Family FL Baptist - SBC Premium 2011-05-25
Candidate Brudvik Youth Leader/Pastor OK Non-Denominational Premium 2011-05-23
Candidate Thurmond youth pastor MI   Premium 2011-05-10
Candidate MacLaren Youth, Associate, or Senior Pastor MI   Premium 2011-04-06
Gold Star Listing Candidate Jamie Senior Pastor and/or Youth and Family Pastor WI   Premium 2011-04-01
Candidate F. View Picture Pastor: Associate or Youth OH Non-Denominational Premium 2011-03-28
Gold Star Listing Candidate Little View Picture Lead Pastor GA   Premium 2011-03-20
Name Job Title State Denomination Premium Date Added
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