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Gold Star Listing Stephen M. Newman
4405 Bella Vista
Farmington, NM 87401

Ph: 505-324-9822
Wk: 505-330-5862
Category: Music/Worship Ministry

Posted on: August 06, 2002
Position Seeking:
Job Title:Pastor/Director of Worship and the Arts
Job Category: Music/Worship Ministry
Time Type: Full Time
Organization Type: Church
Denomination: Non-Denominational
Worship Style: Contemporary
Church Size: 1500 - 2000

To help those with clear gifts in music and the arts, to find place of service in the local church and other effective ministry venues. To be a resource for worship materials, sound and video, music, and drama to other churches in our community and state. To be involved in a church that is doing things with great excellence to further the Kingdom of God. To be in a relevant ministry situation that maximizes my gifts and calling. To be a part of a team of the highest caliber.

What drives me in ministry is the opportunity to help others become quality contributors in ministry roles. Things that bring joy to my heart include: leading and seeing others come to Christ, see others using their gifts in ministry, and watching people become worshipers of God through their personal worship times and through lifestyles of worship.

Education:Oklahoma Baptist University, Shawnee, Oklahoma
- May, 1986 graduate with Bachelors of Music(Church Music/Voice emphasis)degree
Southwestern Theological Seminary, Ft Worth, Texas
- Attended in 1988 working on Master's of Music/Choral Conducting
Christian Leadership Seminary - Elma, New York
- June 1999 Master's of Contemporary Worship Ministry
- January 2002 Doctorate of Worship Ministry

Ministry Experience:Pastor of Worship and Arts, Pinon Hills Community Church, Farmington, New Mexico 1997 - present
Responsibilities include:
  • Responsible for enlisting and managing the highest quality of talent in the community for the purpose of fulfilling the worship and arts ministry goals and objectives of our church.
  • Developing quality relationships with professional musicians within the community and the church, with the goal of bringing them together to produce excellent music, dramas, videos, specials, and other worship and performance elements.
  • Produce annual productions for the purpose of evangelism. Event is held at our local Civic Center. Enlist and recruit 150 volunteers and staff to pull off drama/music production.
  • Serve as Pastor and friend to those involved in my area of ministry. Love and show respect to all who are involved in ministry.
  • Lead out by example to those involved in the music and worship ministry.
  • Conflict management and resolutions with firm grace.
  • Member of the Executive Management Team representing the Worship and Arts Ministry.
  • Manage all Arts staff including - Music assistant, Drama Director, Band Director, Choir Director, Sound Director, Video Director, Creative Dance Director, Music Interns and Recording Production Team.
  • Plan all worship services and special events.
  • Set vision for worship ministry to help support and compliment the vision of the Senior Pastor.
  • Helping equip those with clear callings and talent in music and the arts in ministry.
  • Directing a ministry with the highest caliber of talent, doing things with great excellence, so the Kingdom of God may be furthered and He would be honored by our worship and love for Him.
  • Teaching worship to those in our congregation through our worship times and small group venues.
  • Communicate our philosophy of ministry and worship to those in the Worship and Arts ministry.
  • Provide a host of opportunities to meet the needs of the talent within the church.
  • To be a worshiper of God through all I do in life. To model the life of a minister, friend, father and husband to those around me.
  • Write, arrange, and transcribe music as needed for our services and productions.
  • Pray for leadership and wisdom to do that which God has called me to do.
  • Bring in Concerts and Artists on special occasions.
  • Offer support and resources to every area of our ministry.

    Founder and Managing Editor of, Farmington, New Mexico 1997 - present
    Responsibilities include:

  • Managing Editor of all content and web design for EXW.
  • Work with various writers and contributors to promote the ministry objective of EXW.
  • Manage a staff of eight writers and two web designers.
  • Cast and carry out the vision of EXW.
  • Enlist new contributors through relationships and web contacts.

    Worship Pastor, First Baptist Church, Marshfield, Missouri 1995-1997
    Responsibilities include:

  • Provide leadership in all areas of the Music Ministry of the church.
  • Cast the vision for the Arts ministry and fill the positions needed to accomplish it.
  • Lead and plan all worship services and special events.
  • Coordinate with all music groups, technical personnel, volunteers, paid musicians and staff to fulfill the vision and programs of the Music Department of the church.
  • Training of all technical areas of ministry.
  • Part of the Executive Management Team representing the Worship and Arts ministry.
  • Manage all paid and volunteer staff. Helping them set personal and church related goals.
  • Implementing change in presentation and orchestration of the music during worship.
  • Enlist and support drama and sound staff.
  • Offer resources to every area of our ministry.
  • Direct choral groups and all music groups.

    Worship Pastor, Arapahoe Road Baptist Church, Littleton, Colorado 1993-1995
    Responsibilities include:

  • Much of the same duties as mentioned in the churches above with less levels of leadership responsibilities.

    Pastor of Worship and Youth, First Baptist Church, Quanah, Texas 1989 -1993
    Responsibilities include:

  • Much of the same duties as mentioned in the churches above in the area of music.
  • Enlist and train youth leaders.
  • Manage a team of ten youth staff.
  • Run and staff our Recreational facility for our youth, community and congregation.
  • Develop a Youth Ministry that met the needs of the church and those in the community that needed Christ.
  • Part of Leadership Team.
  • Help in the design and planning of our Family Life Center.

    Pastor of Youth and Education, Pali-View Baptist Church, Kaneohe, Hawaii 1986-1988
    Volunteer Drama Director, Creative Evangelism Team, Honolulu, Hawaii 1986-1988
    Music Director, Oklahoma Baptist University Revival Teams, 1983-1985
    Toured with Various Professional Musical Groups, 1981 - 1986


  • Additional Information: PROFESSIONAL SKILLS Leadership, Management, Organization, Equipping, and Teaching

    RELATED EXPERIENCE AND STRENGTHS Acoustic Guitar, Keyboards, Computers, Choral Directing, Writing and Arranging Music, Web Design, Recording, Synthesizers, Sequencers, Midi Equipment, Drama, Sound Equipment, Music Software, Bass Guitar, Video, Lighting, Orchestra and Full Band, Writer, Author and Teacher.

    REFERENCES: Available on request.

    I came to know the Lord as Savior at the age of fourteen at a youth camp in Honolulu, Hawaii. I was baptized and joined the Hawaii Kai Baptist Church where my father served as Pastor. The Lord called me to serve in full-time ministry at the age of eighteen while attending Oklahoma Baptist University. Since then I have sought the Lord's will for life in all I do. My desire in ministry is to serve the Lord in the local church. I desire to use my gifts and talents to further the gospel of Christ, to help churches become quality places where the arts are seen as awesome venues of ministry, and to serve along side men of God who are servants of grace for the Lord. I hope to continue to serve as a teacher of worship and music to those in my church and community.

    Additional Personal Information:
    Name:Steve Newman
    Employed Now:Yes
    Marital Status:Married
    Website:View Website


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