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New Features and Changes at

May 28, 2013

We have been busy over the weekend working on several new features and changes to our site.  We think they make a much better service, and we hope you agree.

The first change you will notice is that all candidates must have a resume to apply for jobs.  Churches have commented that when candidates simply email them a link to their resume our service feels fragmented.  Therefore, we decided to require resumes again, but don’t worry, we are now offering FREE resumes along with our paid resumes.  

The key difference with our free resumes is that it is not searchable in our Resume Database, so churches will not be able to find you when they search our database.  The free option will allow you to send your information to a church so they can get an idea of your experience.  We strongly encourage you to check out our Premium Resumes because you will allow churches to find you, and we recommend Premium resumes to our churches.  It really pays to Get Recommended.

Churches who post a Gold Star Listing can now request a complimentary date reset if their position has not been filled in 3 months.  That means your job listing will appear on the front page again for more exposure.  Along with the many other features like Automatic Applicant Screening, Secondary Job Category, PSC Email Notifications, Temporary Listing Suspension, and more, Gold Star Job Listings are the best way to manage your church employment search.  You can literally manage your entire search from  If you receive applications from another source you can simply ask the candidates to sign up for a free account, post a free resume, and apply for your job.  All of their information will show up in the Application Manager where you can track all of your candidates.

Premium Job Listings now come with twice the number of Recommended Resumes each time you login to My ChurchJobs.

We have re-ordered the Latest Church Job Openings box on our front page.  Premium listings are now listed first, and stay on the front page longer.

We have added a new level for buying Bulk Jobs.  You can now purchase packages of 3 Jobs which should make the new pricing more accessible to those who need it.  Remember, our Bulk Jobs are all at the Gold Star level so you really save when you buy in bulk.

Purchase a Gold Star Job Listing today to start using our unique tools!