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New Feature: Automatic Email Reply

June 10, 2016

auto-email-reply Gold Star Job Listings have a new feature, Automatic Email Reply. Gold Star churches will now see a new option, “Add/Edit Auto Email Reply,” in the Job Control Panel. You can enter an email message that will be sent automatically to every one of your applicants. Instead of setting up a separate reply via your email provider, let us handle it for you.

This feature is very helpful for those jobs that receive a flood of applicants. Let your applicants know you have received their message and you will get back to them after you review their information.

Automatic Applicant Screening now available for Premium+ Listings

screening We have made one of our favorite features available to churches who purchase Premium+ job listings.  Automatic Applicant Screen was reserved for Gold Star listings, but can now also be used by Premium+ listings.  Let screen applicants for you by setting special requirements for applicants to meet before they can apply.

To take advantage of this feature, purchase a Premium+ or Gold Star job listing.

New search results list views

May 24, 2016


We have redesigned the search results lists for both job listings and resumes.  As more churches add logos, we think this view will be more compelling. You can get more information in the search results, and save and apply for a job right from the results.


The same applies for viewing the resume database.  Churches can now get more information from the results screen.

Both churches and candidates can dramatically increase the effectiveness of their listings by adding a picture.  Trust us, it works!

30 Great Quotes on Worship

New applicant screening options for churches

May 20, 2016


Gold Star job listings come with screening tools to help churches screen applicants.  Churches who purchase Gold Star Listings have been able to restrict applications to candidates with certain levels of education and experience.  Today we have released a new screening option for current church size. Churches can now restrict applicants to those whose current church size is 1000-1000 members, or 500-750, etc.  This new field will help churches better target the candidates they are looking for.

Candidates should edit their Account Profile to reflect this information.

New Social Media Account Fields

May 18, 2016


We have added fields for social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and Instagram for job listings and resumes.  You will see new social media icons on your listing if you add them to your account.

Visit My ChurchJobs to edit your Job Listing or Resume and add your social media links now!

The importance of leadership style

July 30, 2014

Dr. Matt Sanders, Executive Pastor of Beth-El Fellowship, has submitted another article for’s employment article database.  Dr. Sanders’ latest is entitled, “Looking for a captain when you need a doctor? The importance of leadership style.”  Here is an excert:

A live grenade lobbed into a crowd and a time bomb discovered with an hour yet to tick down call for different responses. One needs an immediate problem eliminator, the other a careful problem solver. The cruise ship crossing calm seas on a sunny day requires a different captain from what the warship heading into battle needs. The child with a tummy ache needs a different doctor from the child whose appendix could burst at any moment.

Different situations call for different leadership styles. The same is true for the church. The great pastor of the past, if he was truly great, likely succeeded for one of two reasons: (1) he excelled in multiple leadership styles and changed them to meet the dynamics of the church or (2) the one leadership style that he had fit the church’s situation for that time. The first is rare and any church that has one of those pastors in its history should count itself as blessed. The second is more common. Neither is that helpful when searching for a new pastor, because the church of today is not the church of yesterday nor the church that it will become.


Click here to continue reading…

Help for Unhealthy Churches Looking for a Pastor

October 10, 2013
The search for a new pastor should begin with churches examining themselves. But how can an unhealthy church take an honest look at itself. People at most risk are those who think they are healthy when they are not. Whatever information they are looking at is interpreted as “No problems here” or even worse “I look good.” The same is true for churches.
I am a pretty healthy guy. I exercise regularly, eat healthy food as much as possible, and try not to over-indulge the bad food. Here’s what I have learned over the years. Healthy people never assume that they are healthy. They do not base their health on how they look, how they feel, or what they are doing or not doing. Instead, healthy people get regular check ups.
All churches need regular check ups whether they think they are healthy or not. This is difficult to do, because there are no “church doctors” to give check ups. While some associational and denominational groups provide consulting help for churches, most churches will have to rely on self examination. How then can unhealthy churches realize their problems?
Read the full entry

Part II: The Search for a New Pastor: The Often Forgotten First Step

July 22, 2013

Part two of the latest article from Dr. Matt Sanders, Executive Pastor of Beth-El Fellowship. Here’s an excerpt…

The first step in searching for a new pastor is for churches to ask themselves questions regarding who they have been, who they are, and who God wants them to become. This takes seriously the biblical presentation of the church as the body of Christ in which members, including the pastor, are unique and connected to the other members. This means that the departure of pastors or any other members changes the church and that they cannot simply be replaced. Only by looking at who they are can churches begin to consider what kind of pastor God might be directing to them. By beginning with themselves, churches can create an environment that allows the new pastor to fulfill this biblical role in the unique way that God has gifted him.

Read Part II: The Search for a New Pastor: The Often Forgotten First Step to find out more!

Steps to a Pastor’s Search Committee

June 7, 2013
Dr. Matt Sanders, Executive Pastor of Beth-El Fellowship has submitted a short article for PSC’s.  Here’s an excerpt…

Churches take many different approaches to choosing a pastor – some good and some bad. Of course, the entire process should be saturated in prayer. In fact, the whole process could begin with a churchwide call to prayer.
What follows is one approach to the process. After a pastoral search committee is convened in accordance with the church’s constitution and bylaws, the committee should take the following steps…

Read Pastor’s Search Committee Guidelines to find out more!

New Features and Changes at

May 28, 2013

We have been busy over the weekend working on several new features and changes to our site.  We think they make a much better service, and we hope you agree.

The first change you will notice is that all candidates must have a resume to apply for jobs.  Churches have commented that when candidates simply email them a link to their resume our service feels fragmented.  Therefore, we decided to require resumes again, but don’t worry, we are now offering FREE resumes along with our paid resumes.  

The key difference with our free resumes is that it is not searchable in our Resume Database, so churches will not be able to find you when they search our database.  The free option will allow you to send your information to a church so they can get an idea of your experience.  We strongly encourage you to check out our Premium Resumes because you will allow churches to find you, and we recommend Premium resumes to our churches.  It really pays to Get Recommended.

Churches who post a Gold Star Listing can now request a complimentary date reset if their position has not been filled in 3 months.  That means your job listing will appear on the front page again for more exposure.  Along with the many other features like Automatic Applicant Screening, Secondary Job Category, PSC Email Notifications, Temporary Listing Suspension, and more, Gold Star Job Listings are the best way to manage your church employment search.  You can literally manage your entire search from  If you receive applications from another source you can simply ask the candidates to sign up for a free account, post a free resume, and apply for your job.  All of their information will show up in the Application Manager where you can track all of your candidates.

Premium Job Listings now come with twice the number of Recommended Resumes each time you login to My ChurchJobs.

We have re-ordered the Latest Church Job Openings box on our front page.  Premium listings are now listed first, and stay on the front page longer.

We have added a new level for buying Bulk Jobs.  You can now purchase packages of 3 Jobs which should make the new pricing more accessible to those who need it.  Remember, our Bulk Jobs are all at the Gold Star level so you really save when you buy in bulk.

Purchase a Gold Star Job Listing today to start using our unique tools!