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Suspicious activity on our server

May 17, 2017

On May 7, 2017 we noticed some of our customers received multiple password reset emails. After looking over our logs we reached out to our server company for even more assistance in determining what happened. Their security department reviewed our server and logs and determined there was no malware or access to our database although there were many attempts to access the database. After an extensive investigation, they were unable to find an intrusion point and told us we were in the clear. We are nonetheless requiring everyone to reset their passwords.

When you login to your account you will be prompted to check your email for a reset link. Please follow the procedure to reset your account password. It is also advisable to reset passwords for any other accounts where you use the same username and password.

We apologize for the hassle this may cause. It is never a good idea to reuse passwords on multiple sites. We highly recommend using a password manager.