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We will never sell your data!

April 20, 2017 is proud to say we never sell your data to anyone. We collect the minimum amount of information from you as possible that is required to place your church job listing or resume on our site. While we have your email address on file, we never sell it to anyone. We never even accept money from advertisers who want to send you email and we never send unsolicited emails. Our emails consist of notifications, expiration notices, job applications, etc. That’s it!

Several advertisers have begged us to target our users. They say we are leaving money on the table. We don’t care. When you sign up at, you can be assured we care only about matching a church with a potential pastor. While we do supplement our revenue with a few network display ads, we keep them out of the way and to a minimum.

You might also notice when you visit it is over a secure (https) connection. Our entire website is now secure for your privacy!