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You asked for it. This is the page where we get VERY specific. We'll explain everything, but if at anytime you think it's getting too wordy, you can simply click one of the "Add Job Listing Now" buttons to get started immediately. can immediately connect you with quality staff members from around the country and the world. Thousands of jobs have been filled because of's unique tools. We're sure you'll find that offers the best value. Think of the thousands of dollars Churches often pay to find the right person for their position. We provide the best value for your dollar!

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Remember, all job postings at will also be posted on our numerous partner sites including,,,,, as well as Twitter Twitter, Facebook Facebook, and more. has fantastic organic search positioning on all search engines so the world will learn of your opening. Now that's exposure!

"Your service really worked for us. We got connected with a talented young man from Portland, Oregon and now he�s here in Kansas City leading our team. Thank you!!! "

Francine Moseley, North Heartland Community Church


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