How can I see my resume?


You can view your resume by logging into My ChurchJobs and clicking your resume in the My Resumes box.

Because we restrict access to our Resume Database, you cannot see your "actual resume" as it is listed in the Resume Database because you do not have access to the Resume Database. Instead, we show you an exact duplicate or a Resume Preview in the Resume Settings Panel.

Allowing you to view your resume in the Resume Database would allow you to see other candidate resumes, and we restrict that access for privacy reasons. How would you feel about someone from your church being able to simply post a resume and then get access so they could see that you had a resume on For this reason we restrict access to the Resume Database to paid Church accounts.

Instead, we allow you to see an exact duplicate of your own resume, but not the resume of others. Login to your account at My ChurchJobs, and click on the "See Details" link under the My Resumes tab. You will see your resume as it appears there.