Why is our job listing getting views but not applicants?

We are sometimes asked why a job listing doesn't attract applicants despite having lots of views. The short answer is, we have no way of knowing for sure!

People are drawn to jobs for different reasons. All we can do is get candidates to the job listings, but we do not know why people choose one job over another. Having said that, here are a few possible considerations:

  • Is the size of the church very small?
  • Is your location less than desirable?
  • Is the salary too low?
  • Are you not listing a salary?
  • Is your job listing detailed and complete?

    People are drawn to different positions for different reasons and we cannot know why a certain position does not attract applicants.

    (The same applies to candidates who may not be contacted after applying for a position. The only people who know why that happened are the people who posted the position.)