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Missionary of Purity / Healthy Relationship Teacher

Missionaries of Purity

Hermitage, PA

Category: Missions

Posted on: June 21, 2013

Job Description:

Position Overview: Seeking three motivated individuals to join our Missionaries of Purity team to inspire and educate youth to save the gift of sex until marriage. Missionaries present a positive purity message using an approved curriculum in school health classes, church youth groups and after-school programs. Missionaries also devote extensive time to facilitate fundraising projects for medical facilities and aspiring pregnancy resource centers, as well as doing various tasks. Hiring takes place in late May and early June 2013. Additional Missionary Position positions may be established and filled until late July. Work begins August 1, 2013.

In addition to a base salary and mileage_noemailpensation, a missionary receives free housing with a host family and will be trained on how to personally fundraise to add i_noemaile to their base salary.

Base salary: $15,600 - $17,400 (for a 10-month time period)

Hourly Commitment: an average of 35 hours per week for 44 weeks (approx. 10 months)

Position Requirements
Degrees Wanted: Bachelors or equivalent. Undergraduates we_noemaile to apply
Majors Wanted: Any Major
Special Skills Wanted: Public speaking experience/ability to speak in a large-group setting
Minimum GPA: 2.6

Other Position Requirements: The ideal candidate is personally_noemailmitted to practicing purity, possesses the desire to spread the purity message as good news, will not cause scandal, is equipped with in-depth knowledge of Sacred Scripture, has a deep understanding and appreciation for the benefit of saving the gift of sex until marriage, has_noemailputer/technology skills, good_noemailmunication skills geared to both individuals and groups, is prayerful, punctual, and possesses good etiquette.

The candidate must be able to devote at least ten months of serving as a Missionary of Purity, can live on the stipend offered, can relocate, and can dedicate a minimum of a 145 hours per month to this work (100 hours per month or more to schedule and present purity presentations/45 hours or more per month to fundraise).

Organization Profile: Missionaries of Purity is a nonprofit_noemailanization that seeks to inspire and educate youth to save the gift of sex until marriage. We assist partners in establishing self-sustaining missionary positions that present healthy relationship education and raise funds for partners. We teach the W.A.I.T. Training curriculum, as developed by the Center for Relationship Education. To learn more about WAIT Training, please visit: http://www.myrelationshipcenter_noemail/WAIT%20Training

If your heart is on fire for our mission, we encourage you to apply!
Application Instructions: To obtain an application, please download a form off of the Missionaries of Purity website: http://www.missionariesofpurity_noemail/career-opportunities/. E-mail_noemailpleted application and resume, with "Missionary Candidate" in the subject heading, to: missionariesofpurity@gmail_noemail 

Position Information:

Job Title:
Missionary of Purity / Healthy Relationship Teacher
Time Type:
Full Time
Job Category:
Less than 20,000
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Contact Information:

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Missionaries of Purity
Contact Name:
Brian Beal
3580 McConnell Road
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