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Worship Pastor/Minister

First Baptist New Orleans

New Orleans, LA

Category: Worship Leader, Music Minister, Worship Pastor

Posted on: April 01, 2014

Job Description:

Applicants should be Christ-centered and evangelistic in their person and work. A missionary spirit is essential in our setting. Applicants must be deeply_noemailmitted to excellence. The worship and music ministries of First Baptist have been characterized by outstanding quality. The format is band driven and blended. In addition to vocal and instrumental praise, the church also utilizes a choir to minister to a multigenerational congregation. The ideal candidate will have formal musical training in an accredited college and/or seminary. The candidate must be able to plan and_noemailanize worship, lead a choir, orchestra, praise team and band. Further, the candidate must be able to develop people. Leadership, equipping and team building are essential skills that must exist alongside musical_noemailpetence,_noemailfort in dealing with worship technology and creativity. The candidate must be able to bring out the best in those around him/her.Finally, the candidate himself must be joyfully worshipping God with innovation, optimism, enthusiasm and hope.
Profile of our city and church: New Orleans is a small but very urban city. The worship/music minister will need to feel a strong call to urban ministry and be able to live with his/her family in an urban environment.
Many positive things are happening in the City of New Orleans. Entrepreneurship and economic development in general are at an all-time high. An amazing new hospital_noemailplex costing $1.2 billion is being constructed to replace several hospital facilities that were ruined and abandoned as a result of Hurricane Katrina. New Orleans is still a wounded city. More than 80 percent of the city was flooded by Hurricane Katrina in August of 2005. Although the population of greater New Orleans is currently about 1.2 million, the population of the city proper is about 370,000, a decline of 90,000 from pre-Katrina levels. Blight is still a problem though the city is addressing this continually. The worship/music minister and his/her family will need to feel a strong call to this environment of continued rebuilding.
The school puzzle is always a challenge here. Public schools are an increasingly attractive option in our area with the surge in charter schools. The worship/music minister may choose to place his/her children in private schools. This is an additional expense of $5,000-15,000 per year per child. Private educational options feature small schools, Class A or AA, with small classes and more intimate relationships with teachers, etc.The home school option is growing in popularity. The best explanation of the_noemailplexities of New Orleans schools is found at http://en.wikipedia_noemail/wiki/New_Orleans_Public_Schools
The worship/music minister may purchase a home that is 20-60 years old depending upon the area.. Home values are increasing. Homes in some areas are selling for about $100 per square foot. Vacant lots for sale near the church in Lakeview cost $100,000 and higher.
New Orleans is charming, interesting, historic, culturally rich and diverse. It is a unique environment in which to live. The age and relative poverty of our city will be a part of the scenery of everyday life. Buildings are old. The city often looks dirty.The homeless are quite visible. Streets are often poorly maintained. This condition was aggravated because of Katrina.
New Orleans proper is 60 percent African American with a growing Hispanic population. If the candidate is not_noemailfortable in an ethnically diverse setting, New Orleans is definitely not the place to move.
The worship/music minister must see himself/herself as a missionary. New Orleans is not the Bible Belt. Southern Baptists_noemailprise a small percentage of the total population of the metropolitan area. Black Baptist churches are strong here. The Catholic influence is pervasive. Some parts of the city, including the uptown area, have strong Jewish_noemailmunities. New Orleans itself is not a secular city but a religious city. New Orleans is a party city. Mardi Gras is not simply an event in New Orleans; it describes and illustrates the character of the city in many ways.
New Orleans, therefore, is a fertile and needy mission field for the work of Christ and His Church. Gospel work here is very rewarding though often difficult.The candidate must feel that missionary call to the urban environment.
New Orleans is a very personable city. The value of_noemailmunity is deep here.People here enjoy local coffee shops and casual visits over long lunches. It is a conversational city and therefore is open to hearing the gospel message shared in the context of relationships. Public institutions and structures in New Orleans and Louisiana are sometimes difficult to navigate.
New Orleans is a city with a sound track, with music at its heart. There are music and other festivals in nearly every month and Jazz Fest every spring. The City is home to the Saints football team and NBA Pelicans.

Position Information:

Job Title:
Worship Pastor/Minister
Time Type:
Full Time
Job Category:
Worship Leader, Music Minister, Worship Pastor
Organization Type:
Baptist - SBC
Worship Style:
Church Size:
500 - 750

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First Baptist New Orleans
Contact Name:
Jean Stevens
3777 Mimosa Court
New Orleans
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