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Lead Pastor

Calvary Christian Church

Winchester, KY

Category: Senior Pastor

Posted on: July 09, 2014

Job Description:

Lead Pastor

The Lead Pastor is the primary leader, teacher and visionary for the church in all ministry areas to fulfill the mission and vision of Calvary Christian Church. This position will have broad responsibility for the spiritual welfare, growth and life of the church in all areas including discipleship, evangelism and equipping the congregation for service and helping them fully b_noemaile who God created them to be.

Weekend Teaching
Rotating with team of teaching pastors in weekend services.
Set the direction for the Worship Team and the Teaching Team to plan themes consistent with the preaching series. Participate with the team in planning creative worship experiences that inspire and engage believers and seekers with the truth and grace of the gospel.
Develop and lead an internal teaching team who will support the Pastors in their message preparation. This team will also serve as a training ground to foster, empower and release team members to maximize their potential as teachers of the Word.

Vision Casting
Consistently seek God's direction for the church. In conjunction with his Leadership Team and the Elders, discern this direction and develop clear and_noemailpelling mission and vision plans for the church as needed.
Reinforce and highlight the vision of the church to the congregation and staff through a variety of channels including the weekend worship experience.
Ensure all staff and ministry partner efforts are aligned with the vision of the church. Communicating the vision throughout the staff and motivating them to spread the vision.
Provide for ongoing evaluation of the execution and effectiveness of the priorities addressed in the vision. Understanding the direction of the Elders to identify and implement "course corrections" when needed.
Work closely with his Leadership Team and Elders to identify ministry areas and opportunities that continually move the church closer to God's vision and mission for His Church.

Leadership Team
Facilitate regular Leadership Team meetings to set the strategic direction for the church. Consistently_noemailmunicate vision and mission while assuring church-wide alignment with these priorities.
Develop and challenge the Leadership Team to grow in their areas of giftedness and expertise.
Shepherd other team members – encouraging them to thrive spiritually. Protecting them from over_noemailmitting while helping them create healthy margin and balance in their lives.
Guide the Leadership Team in clear and forthright_noemailmunication with each other – helping them lean into the tensions that will occur and resolve conflicts in a biblical, healthy manner.
Work closely with the Leadership Team to lead and direct purposeful, efficient and inspiring staff meetings with the whole staff.

Candidate Profile


The Lead Pastor of Calvary Christian Church will serve with the foundation of a graduate-level education from an accredited theological seminary, with a Masters of Divinity degree strongly preferred.

Skills and Experience

The Lead Pastor candidate must be ordained and have extensive, proven ministry experience in the following areas:
Teaching/preaching regularly at large gatherings preferably of 1000 or more people
Equipping and inspiring Christ-followers for growth in spiritual maturity
Presenting the Gospel in a culturally_noemailpelling way for people investigating the person and work of Jesus Christ
Reaching the unchurched or nominally churched with creativity and innovation

Visionary leadership in a ministry setting:
Discerning and_noemailmunicating God's direction for His people
Igniting a passion in others for the vision and seeing it through to implementation

Servant leadership in a ministry setting:
At least ten years executive-level leadership experience preferred
Successfully shepherding a staff team
Intentionally leading from a posture of genuine humility
Collaborating, motivating and mobilizing staff and lay ministry leaders toward a team-oriented approach in all facets of ministry

How to apply for position:

Please email the following to positions@calvarychristian_noemail
Cover Letter
A Philosophy of Ministry
Anything else that you'd like us to see including a video of your recent teaching.


Position Information:

Job Title:
Lead Pastor
Time Type:
Full Time
Job Category:
Senior Pastor
Organization Type:
Worship Style:
Church Size:
1000 - 1500

Contact Information:

Organization Name:
Calvary Christian Church
Contact Name:
Cathy Smith
15 Redwing Dr
State or Province:
ZIP Code:
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