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Senior Pastor


Denver, CO

Category: Senior Pastor

Posted on: December 18, 2014

Job Description:

o Preach and teach the Word of God as revealed in the Old and New Testaments.
o Primary teaching responsibility on Sunday mornings, Town Hall meetings, and other gatherings
o Fulfill the predominant teaching role of the church, and find guest teachers when absent.
o Work closely with the Worship Pastor to plan themes consistent with the preaching series creating a_noemailprehensive worship experience.
o Consult with Vision Team on Sermon Series to ensure church wide vision is being addressed from the pulpit.
o Provide sermon content/themes to the staff in a timely manner to allow for preparation of slides, music and the bulletin.
Vision Casting
o Continually clarify and highlight the vision of the church through the Sunday morning worship experience and leading the staff and ministry leaders to regularly_noemailmunicate the same vision.
o Work closely with the staff and Vision Team to identify ministry priorities which will move the church towards its vision.
Pastoral Care
o Care for the needs of the church congregation. It is understood that the Senior Pastor is not able to make every visit, or to provide direct care for every person, but the Senior Pastor will be the leading edge in showing genuine care for the congregation. Situations involving critical illness or death are to be given priority and emphasis.
o Assist the Prayer Team in_noemailmunicating prayer requests and needs.
o Actively engage with visitors attending the church.
o Meet regularly with the staff for growth, vision sharing, planning, and insuring teamwork.
o Meet one on one with staff members and select lay leaders as appropriate to counsel, impart wisdom, instruct in their area of ministry, plan, and guide them in spiritual development.
o Administer the Sacraments, Holy Baptism and the Lord's Supper, according to the practice of The Evangelical Covenant Church.
o Lead us in fulfilling our church's responsibility to witness for Christ.
o Lead us in a public witness through ministries of_noemailpassion and justice.
o Provide spiritual counseling as needed to congregants, within the boundaries of the Senior Pastor's training, or refer congregants to professional counselors.
o Provide pre-marital counseling as needed, within the boundaries of the Senior Pastor's training and schedule.
o Keep your life in harmony with the Word of God, striving in word and deed to be a worthy example of Christian living.
o Keep your practices consistent with the Covenant's Rules for the Ordered Ministry, and its Ethical Principles for Covenant Ministers.
General Responsibilities
o Lead with authenticity in accord with the Covenant Affirmations, and the Constitution and Bylaws of this congregation.
o Provide general leadership for all the ministries at Colorado Ridge Church, and give pastoral leadership to our congregation's board, ministry_noemailmittees and activities.
o Act as a member of the Vision Team, assisting the Vision Team chair in the creation of an agenda, scheduling meetings, and acting as a member of the Team in creating policies, making decisions, choosing new members, etc.
o Act as a member of the Business Board, assisting the Business Board in the creation of an agenda and an annual budget for the approval of the Vision Team, scheduling and leading meetings along with the Business Board Chair, and acting as a member of the Board in making decisions, choosing new members, etc.
o Act as the manager in charge of the church staff and lay leaders, supervising and coordinating all work of the other members of the staff.
o Lead and explain tithing and stewardship to the congregation as appropriate.
o Interview, hire, terminate, train, and counsel staff.
o Encourage the church to support the mission of the Covenant Church and our regional conference.
o Be at and normally lead regularly scheduled staff and production meetings.
o Lead or oversee the Benevolence Fund, and procedures for utilizing that Fund.
o Timely_noemailmunication to staff, leadership, and congregants.
o Maintain a continuing education plan for skill building and self-improvement.
o Be actively involved in the life of the church.
o Be actively involved in identifying and training future leaders.
o Represent Colorado Ridge Church at local events and pastor meetings.
o Officiate at weddings and funerals, within the Senior Pastor's schedule.
o Lead (or delegate as appropriate) membership classes and other adult education classes.


Position Information:

Job Title:
Senior Pastor
Time Type:
Full Time
Job Category:
Senior Pastor
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Church Size:
100 - 250

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