Senior Pastor

West Center Baptist Church

Madison, SD 57042

Category: Senior Pastor

Posted on: February 20, 2015

Time Type: Full Time

Job Description:

After going through a congregational reFocus journey, West Center Baptist is seeking a Senior Pastor to preach the Word, train the congregation for spiritual maturity, and to help lead and strengthen our discipleship ministry. Pastoral priorities include equipping the congregation for ministry, preaching the Word, training for spiritual maturity, training leaders, protecting the church from heresy, and participating in leadership.


Pastoral Priorities:
Scripture paints the picture of pastoral ministry as a tenacious, undistracted focus on prayer and the Word (Acts 6:4). Out of this focus flow 6 key priorities:
1. Equipping the congregation for ministry Ephesians 4:11-12
2. Preaching the Word 2 Timothy 4:2
3. Training for spiritual maturity Colossians 1:28-29
4. Training leaders 2 Timothy 2:2
5. Protecting the church from heresy Acts 20:28
6. Participating in leadership 1 Timothy 5:17

Reports to: Leadership Council

Ministry Activities:
We envision the Senior Pastor living out the 6 Biblical Priorities through the following Ministry Activities.

1. Equipping the congregation for ministry
a. Pray and promote prayer as a primary priority
b. Promote corporate worship and Discipleship Groups as the core ministries of the church
c. Lead a Discipleship Group
d. Oversee the planning of corporate worship services
e. Engage in regular study beyond sermon preparation in order to function as a curator of knowledge and information, able to recommend resources on the wide variety of ministry, theological, and Christian life issues faced by members of the congregation

2. Preaching the Word
a. Pray
b. Devote adequate time to study and sermon preparation
c. Serve as the primary preacher (75% of Sundays)
d. Train the Apprentice Pastor and others to preach the Word
e. Engage in ongoing learning and development as a preacher

3. Training for spiritual maturity
a. Pray
b. Work with the Leadership Council, Discipleship Group Coaches, and staff to identify maturity gaps in the congregation
c. Empower Discipleship Groups to create opportunities where congregational members can grow their faith, increase their ability to surrender to the Lord, love others sacrificially, and reproduce disciples

4. Training leaders
a. Pray
b. Meet regularly with Apprentice Pastor for mentoring and training
c. Continue process of training new Discipleship Group Leaders
d. Coach Discipleship Group Leaders and recruit, equip, and oversee other coaches to do the same
e. Develop process for training Discipleship Coaches
f. Create opportunities for ongoing training of Leadership Council and lay leaders
g. Work in coordination with Leadership Council to mold Ministry Team meetings into opportunities for leadership training

5. Protecting the church from heresy
a. Pray
b. Oversee, with the Leadership Council, all teaching and discipleship curricula
c. Proactively scan cultural and religious trends for areas of concern
d. Provide resources to combat heresy and damaging teaching as necessary
e. Confront, in coordination with Leadership Council, false teaching if necessary

6. Participating in leadership
a. Pray
b. Invest time in studying, researching, and dreaming about the future of West Center
c. Lead annual Leadership Retreat
d. Teams with Leadership Council for Church vision casting
e. Oversee day-to-day ministries of the staff
f. Conduct weddings and funerals as able or delegate as needed
g. Participate in Leadership Council meetings, providing training, resources, and ideas as needed
h. Develop relationships with other pastors for fellowship and encouragement
i. Participate in the Great Plains Association, NABC Triennial and other denominational meetings as able

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