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Children, Youth & Family Minister

Hope Lutheran Church

Farmington Hills, MI

Category: Senior Pastor

Posted on: April 30, 2015

Job Description:

e-mail: hopecyfm@gmail_noemail

Children, Youth & Family Minister

The purpose of the Children, Youth and Family Minister is to engage our church_noemailmunity in faith formation so that we can draw closer to God through the spiritual development of children, youth and families. To work in coordination with the staff of Hope and the Senior Pastor to provide an atmosphere that will empower youth and families to articulate, demonstrate and continue to grow in their faith. Our goal is to build a sustainable CYF ministry and a church culture that will embrace diverse families with children from infant to young adult.

Hope will be known as a place where children and youth are kept safe, taken seriously, and fully incorporated into the life of the church; where their faith and that of their families are ministered to; where diversity--social, racial, theological, political, etc. is not just tolerated, but embraced and encouraged; where faith is put into action.

Lead and develop programs for all of the age groups of the child and youth spectrum ministries of Hope Lutheran Church, to include but not limited to the following:
o Children (Birth-Grade 5) in Conjunction with the Director, Children's Ministries
o Connect (5th and 6th grade)
o Confirmation (7th and 8th grade)
o High School (Grades 9-12)
o Parent Support and Parenting Strategies
o For each age group and their related ministries and programs:
o Work with the staff, volunteers and_noemailmittees associated with the ministry to maintain and further develop the ministry and the programs.
o Recruit, train and support volunteer leaders, teachers and helpers.
o Ensure the selection or development of biblically sound and effective curriculum for all youth and family programs.
o Support the role of family in individual child / youth faith development in all programming
o Develop a variety of faith-building experiences that include outdoor ministries
o Provide opportunities for one-on-one, small group and large group; as well as informal and formal opportunities to interact and build relationships with other Christians.
o Be intentional about building relationships with parents of children and youth.
o Provide children and youth of all ages the opportunity for meaningful involvement, and to take responsibility for appropriate and progressively more responsible leadership responsibilities in the church.
o Demonstrate service and outreach as a key faith expression in all programs and ministries.
o Maintain a caring environment that provides nurturing relationships and activities resulting in a we_noemailing atmosphere of respect, growth, and belonging.
o Lead the process of identifying and developing new ministries that achieve the overall objective of Hope's children, youth and family ministries and that recognize the key milestones in each person' faith journey.

o Require at least 4 years of experience in CYF ministry, volunteer or paid, and require that at least 1 year of that experience is in program and/or staff leadership and that at least 1 year of this experience is in 7th-8th grade youth program leadership.
o Require Child, Youth and Family Ministry Masters' degree from a Lutheran seminary.
o Prefer experience includes working with diversity of children and youth (religious, cultural and ethnic).

The CYF Minister will demonstrate the following_noemailpetencies:
o A vibrant faith, knowledge of the Bible and a strong discipleship.
o A heart for those who do not know Jesus.
o A passion for working with diverse cultures and settings (e.g. suburban, urban).
o Understanding of the Lutheran theological tradition.
o A passion for, and ability to work effectively with, children, youth and their families.
o Ability to work effectively, positively and cooperatively as a member of our staff.
o Ability to teach effectively with small and large groups.
o Comfortable presenting in a large group (20-50) and work effectively with small groups (3-8).
o Excellent leadership skills with the ability to work both independently and as part of a team.
o Ability to interact enthusiastically, graciously, and responsibly with people of all ages.
o Ability to creatively develop and lead programs and/or large group events.
o Teachable, with a desire to grow in faith and skills.
o Working knowledge of child development principles and current youth culture.
o Organizational/administrative skills.
o Willingness to be a giving and_noemailmuning member of the congregation.
o Strong verbal and written_noemailmunication skills.
o Ability to utilize technology relevant to this position, e.g. personal_noemailputer (email, word processing, Power Point, membership data base, inte_noemail, etc.) digital projector, social_noemailworking / media etc.

Position Information:

Job Title:
Children, Youth & Family Minister
Time Type:
Full Time
Job Category:
Senior Pastor
Organization Type:
Worship Style:
Church Size:
1000 - 1500

Contact Information:

Organization Name:
Hope Lutheran Church
Contact Name:
Janet Hash
39200 W Twelve Mile Road
Farmington Hills
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