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Pastor of Student Ministries

Crossroads Chapel

Colorado Springs, CO

Category: Youth Pastor & Youth Ministry

Posted on: February 07, 2016

Job Description:

Pastor of Student Ministries

Position Description


The Student Pastor must have a sense of call and passion for ministry with students. The candidate should be grounded in evangelical theology and have a solid understanding and appreciation of Southern Baptist Convention. This person should have experience in student ministry and possess good_noemailmunication skills with students and adults.
Specific qualifications include:
- Seminary Degree and/or Theological Education with practical job experience
- Demonstrated leadership and_noemailanizational skills
- An ability to identify and foster leadership in adults and students
- A desire to be a team player who works well with other staff
- Display a personal aptitude for spiritual, emotional, social, and physical wellness
- An attitude of flexibility and adaptability in the face of the changing moods, plans, and directions_noemailmon to working with students, young adults, parents, and church members
- A resilient and persevering spirit that is not easily discouraged or frustrated but contributes to stability and longevity in this position
- A sense of humor and energetic personality are also very helpful
- Love people

Description of Responsibilities

Student Pastor Salary: $30,000 $35,000 (25-30 hours per week)
1. Structure,_noemailanize, oversee, and lead a vital student ministry for our Middle School and High School students, and Young Adults. This "structure" will capture the following:
a) Develop a strategic, creative and_noemailprehensive program for teens and young adults.
b) Recruit and train volunteer student workers.
c) Lead and initially teach youth Sunday school.
d) Plan outings and activities throughout the year (e.g. retreats, ski trips, Bible studies, trips to water parks, mission trips, etc.).
e) Disciple and equip students to live the Christian life in their unique cultural setting.
f) Be involved in lifestyle evangelism with lost youth in the_noemailmunity.
g) Do contact work with teens and young adults.
h) Oversee the various student ministries such as Sunday school, FUEL Youth Group, Young Adult Ministry, etc.
2. Develop a Student Ministry (SM) Committee. Provide leadership and input to the SM Committee in developing strategies for Christian growth in Crossroads Chapel Students.
3. Evaluate the Student Ministry strategies and goals and provide direction toward appropriate goals and strategies.
4. Plan and coordinate summer SM programs such as camps, road trips and mission activities.
5. Include ministry to the parents of our students to assist parents in nurturing the faith of their children.


The Student Pastor will be accountable to our Pastor, Dr. D.L. Mitchell.
A performance review and setting of goals will be conducted on an annual basis.

Work Relationships

The Student Minister shall:
1. Emphasize and value the fostering of a team spirit among the staff of Crossroads Chapel and recognize the importance of each staff member in the life and ministry of the congregation.
2. Be a mentor,_noemailpanion, resource, and role model for the congregation's students and their families.
3. Participate in the building of a spirit of Christian_noemailmunity and family for Crossroads Chapel.
4. Work together with the SM Committee and youth to educate and inform the congregation and its students of the intentions and direction of its youth ministry, share experiences, hopes, and concerns of youth and student ministry.
5. Communicate with the church regarding students at the quarterly business meetings regarding the status of ministries and associated activities challenges and future initiatives.


Applications (Resumes) will be received through April 1, 2016.
A review by our Elders will select those candidates who seem best suited to fill this vacancy. Interviews will then be conducted. Following this step, the selection of an individual for an onsite interview will be made. All candidates will be notified of their status once the selection process is_noemailplete. Pending that person's willingness to_noemaile and the church's receptivity to having the individual, the selection process will be_noemailplete.
If you are interested in submitting your application, please either mail or email your resume, along with an audio and/or video example of your ministry. You will receive a confirmation notice that your resume was received.
Mailing Address:
The Elders, Crossroads Chapel SBC
840 North Gate Blvd.
Colorado Springs, CO 80921
Email Address:

All resumes will be kept on file and will be considered confidential. If there are any restrictions in how or where we should contact you, please let us know.


If the applicant is also qualified to lead Music Worship they may also apply for the Music Worship Leader position.

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For more information on both positions, visit our web page: http://crossroadssbc_noemail/job-opportunities 

Position Information:

Job Title:
Pastor of Student Ministries
Time Type:
Part Time
Job Category:
Youth Pastor & Youth Ministry
30,000 - 40,000
Organization Type:
Baptist - SBC
Worship Style:
Church Size:
100 - 250

Contact Information:

Organization Name:
Crossroads Chapel
Contact Name:
D. L. Mitchel
840 North Gate Blvd.
Colorado Springs
State or Province:
ZIP Code:
Map this Organization:
Contact Email: