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Music & Program Director

Moon Valley Bible Church

Phoenix, AZ

Category: Worship Leader, Music Minister, Worship Pastor

Posted on: July 06, 2016

Job Description:

The Job in a Nutshell
As Music & Program Director, you will be the designer and leader of our adult Sunday-morning worship experience, orchestrating all the elements of the church service in a way that demonstrates the goodness of God and encourages people to respond in worship. Your job is not to do all this work yourself, but to recruit and equip volunteers to do the work as much as possible. This job is critical to the spiritual mission of Moon Valley.

Your Typical Week
Design the Sunday-morning adult worship service, producing a scheduled program of elementsówe_noemaile, video, songs, readings, sermon, prayer,_noemailmunion, etc.óthat coherently and seamlessly draws congregants into worship.
Recruit, schedule, and rehearse band members to play music on Sunday mornings.
Encourage and cast vision for band members, demonstrating how they are a big part of something bigger.
Conduct a run-through of all elements of the service well in advance of the first service on Sunday morning.
Lead the band and the congregation on Sunday morning, and in your absence, find somebody to lead.
Connect regularly with Senior Pastor to make sure the program elements fit with the sermon, and to give a heads-up on music and programming issues.
Support other Moon Valley ministries, such as children's and youth ministries, by providing music, as needed, either by your direct involvement, or by volunteers you recruit and equip to do the work.
Work 40+ hours.
Attend Sunday services at Moon Valley.

Less Frequent Initiatives
Schedule, design, and execute a monthly observance of_noemailmunion. This includes recruiting, equipping, and coaching of_noemailmunion volunteers.
As needed, provide music for funeral services and weddings and retreats.

Questions You Will Always Be Asking
How can we be better at encouraging our people to worship?
How can we be better at creating services that are safe and accessible to both the churched and the unchurched?
How can we be better at recruiting and equipping others to do the work of music and programming? And who are my apprentices?
Who am I inviting to Moon Valley?

A Job Well Done
The adult worship experience on Sunday morning will be so good that attendees (particularly Millennials) will find it worth talking about, and will talk about it with their unbelieving neighbors.
Band members will be so well supported and coached that they will grow in number and musical excellence.
The worship experience will be characterized by warmth, authenticity, accessibility, and attention to detail. Songs will be singable. Public prayer will be thoughtful and sensitive, not just a segue. When the Bible is read, it will be with the same care as singing a song.
The worship experience will respect and speak to all the senses.
We will have the privilege of seeing people we've invited_noemaile to believe and grow in Jesus Christ.

Who You Will Work With
You will report directly to the Senior Pastor and indirectly to the Board of Elders.
You will regularly collaborate with the Media and Technology Director, and occasionally with other directors, to the extent that ministry initiatives overlap.

What We Are Looking For
You demonstrate a high level of musicianship.
You can connect with Millennials and be respectful of those older.
You have a way of putting people at ease and making them feel_noemailfortable.
You can resolve the conflicts that will inevitably arise in a band.
You have an extraordinary desire to praise God and to invite others to join you in praise.
You can effectively lead a band.

What May Drive You Crazy
Everybody's got an opinion about what constitutes good music and worship, and they're all different.
We're going to be in temporary facilities for a while, so practicing will be a challenge. And you may need to be a lot more involved in set-up and take-down that you'd like.

Your Pay
The salary range is $60,000+ per year.
You'll accrue 3 weeks of paid vacation annually. You'll get 10 days of paid sick time and paid holidays off.
No insurance or savings plans are provided; you're on your own there.

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Position Information:

Job Title:
Music & Program Director
Time Type:
Full Time
Job Category:
Worship Leader, Music Minister, Worship Pastor
60,000 -70,000
Organization Type:
Bible Church
Worship Style:
Church Size:
250 - 500

Contact Information:

Organization Name:
Moon Valley Bible Church
Contact Name:
Bob Kerrey
PO Box 84228
State or Province:
ZIP Code:
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