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Sterlng Baptist Church

Sterling, AK

Category: Senior Pastor

Posted on: November 19, 2016

Job Description:

We are looking for our next Pastor, a man who will love us and lead us where we ought to go.

Sterling Baptist Church was started as a Baptist Mid-Missions work in 1954. It is one of the oldest BMM works in Alaska. We went self-supporting in 1980 and have been so ever since.

Sterling is a rural/country, unincorporated area that is growing fast. Most of the people in Sterling are hard-working, blue collar folks, and work in the nearby towns of Soldotna, Kenai, or Nikiski. Some of the men work in the oil fields or on the North Slope. There is a growing_noemailmunity of retired folks as well. Oil field jobs, construction, service businesses, and tourism pay the bills for our families. Soldotna, ten miles away, is a small town but it serves as the hub for the Kenai Peninsula area and has all the shopping, business, and medical services of much larger towns. Anchorage, Alaska’s largest city, is two and one/half hours away by road.

Our Church’s building and property are on the main road through Sterling and are paid for. The facility itself is typical small church fare and we have spent some money and effort in recent years sprucing it up. We are discussing a building program to replace the current building with adequate space for programs and services.

Our Parsonage is four miles from the Church and sits at the entrance to the Bible Camp operated by the Alaska Baptist Association. It is paid for and quite adequate for a family. A major interior remodel with new cab_noemails, counter tops, flooring, doors and paint was_noemailpleted eight years ago. We are discussing window and siding replacement.

We do not have any other Pastoral Staff. We do employ a church family as janitors, and employ a member part-time as secretary. Our Pastors have all been adequately supported full-time and their wives have not had to work outside of the home although some have chosen to do so.

We do have a mix of ages attending but a big hole in the teen group. We do not have a structured youth group for the older kids...but we are trying to fill that need. We do have an AWANA program through the school year on Wednesday night. We have children’s church services during the Sunday Morning Service. Our services are family oriented and more casual than formal. Many of the families are friends and see each other during the week. Even the visitors are not strangers. Our Sunday school has been running 30-50 souls. Our Sunday Morning Services have been running 85-100. Our Sunday Evening Services have been running 25-40. Our Wednesday nights through the summer have been running 10-20. The age demographic for SBC is as follows:
​​ages 0-20​26%
​​ages 21-40​30%
​​ages 41-65​30%
​​ages 65-up​24%
We love to sing, our music is conservative and we enjoy some of the newer choruses and praise songs. We encourage special music and enjoy wide participation.

Both men and women dress modestly and casually at SBC. Winters are very cold and summers are warm and very busy and people tend to dress as the weather and activities dictate. This has not been an issue.

We do not have a Christian School. The_noemailmunity supports parental choice for schooling options and the State makes it easy to homeschool. Our kids attend a variety of public elementary, middle or high schools, charter schools, private Christian schools, and homeschool groups. We also have a local campus of the University of Alaska that some of the adults attend. We support and encourage parental choices for the education of their kids.

Our Church supports a good number of missionaries, some in foreign fields, and some in home fields, through a variety of mission agencies.

Bible versions are not an issue and KJV, NKJV, NIV, NASV and ESV are all used in our services and classes.

We do not have a developed counseling ministry.

Our people are mostly second-generation Christians. Many of them are college educated and hold degrees in a variety of fields. Some of them have been in the ministry before and are retired. The wage earners are professionals: nurses, dental hygienists, electricians, plumbers, carpenters, contractors, educators, security, managers, technicians, operators, mechanics, truck drivers, aircraft mechanics, accountants, clerks, firefighters, self-employed, and retired. A number of the men work one or two week shifts out-of-town. There are several three-generation families in our membership. We are growing in our Christian walk and together as a Church. We are a talented bunch...some of us are musically inclined, some of us speak on occasion, some of us write, but we are not as effective in reaching Sterling as we would like to be.

Sterling Baptist Church is independent, fundamental, conservative, and doctrinally sound. We hold the traditional Baptist positions on Pre-millennialism and Pre-tribulation rapture. We believe in single-immersion for Baptism. We do not believe that the sign-gifts are for this Age. We believe and preach both personal and ecclesiastical separation. We practice both ordinances. Our polity is that of most conservative Baptist churches...Pastor and Deacons...congregational vote.

Many of the visitors that_noemaile to our Church do so at the invitation of one of us. It is nice to be part of a church that we are excited about. We also enjoy a number of seasonal guests largely because of our location.

Our last Pastor resigned feeling he needed to change careers. He and his family still live in the area. We think we are looking for a Pastor with experience, a degree, someone who will love us, love to be with us, and b_noemaile one of us. He’ll be personable, outgoing, and be able to help us with our vision for Sterling Baptist Church ...family growth,_noemailmunity impact, souls saved and enjoyable useful Christian lives. A team leader to help us do what we can and are doing...and to do

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Full Time
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Senior Pastor
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Baptist - Other
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less than 100

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Sterlng Baptist Church
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Darrell Kincaid
Box 834
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