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  Director of Missional Communities

RiverTree Christian Church

Massilon, OH

Category: Outreach Pastor

Posted on: August 08, 2017


Job Description:

The Director of Missional Communities (DMC) will work closely with the Jackson Campus pastor to champion the Jackson Campus' dream of sending a missionary to every street and a missional_noemailmunity to every neighborhood in Jackson Township and in any other place where our people live. The DMC will therefore be responsible for leading all people and processes related to launching and multiplying missional_noemailmunities and developing and sending local missionaries. Additionally, in order to create a high level of alignment across all departments, the DMC will serve on the Jackson Lead Team, develop a viable public presence at weekend worship gatherings, and will oversee all Connection teams and processes at the Jackson Campus.

Multiply Missional Communities: Lead the Jackson Campus' effort to launch and multiply missional_noemailmunities. (30%)
o Develop and maintain a missional_noemailmunity leadership team, including huddle leaders, coaches, and other key volunteers that will recruit, develop, and support missional_noemailmunity leaders by providing coaching, regular huddles, and quarterly training opportunities.
o Promote and resource a discipleship culture within missional_noemailmunities, ensuring each missional_noemailmunity has an apprentice leader and actively facilitates intentional discipleship relationships (IDRs).
o Provide daily leadership and be relationally accessible to missional_noemailmunity leaders as necessary.
o Network with missional leaders throughout the nation/world to continuously learn best theory, theology, and practices related to missional_noemailmunity.
o Create a pipeline of participants joining missional_noemailmunities from RiverTree by equipping leaders to be inviters, by regularly running Extensions and other on-ramp opportunities, planning semi-annual sign up campaigns, and through establishing excellent_noemailmunication materials and practices on a regular basis.
Send Local Missionaries: Create, promote, and sustain the training and deployment of fully-equipped missionaries for Jackson Township and surrounding_noemailmunities. (30%)
o Work with Jackson Campus pastor to design a strategy for equipping individuals to live on mission in their context, specifically focusing on sending individuals to be missionaries to the streets on which they live.
o Build the missionary formation process into missional_noemailmunity life as much as possible and equip missional_noemailmunity leaders to participate in the equipping and sending of local missionaries so that the two emphases (missional_noemailmunities and missional formation) are substantially integrated.
o Implement the process designed through collaboration with the Jackson Campus pastor by recruiting, training, sending, and sustaining individuals to live on mission in their context.
Maintain a Public Space Presence: Utilize multiple methods to champion missional_noemailmunities at weekend gathering and other public space events. (15%)
o Be present at all weekend worship gatherings four out of every five weekends.
o Preach 6-12 times per year and serve as worship host 12-24 times per year.
o Regularly provide content for videos or live testimonies of what God is doing through missional_noemailmunity and local missionary efforts.
o Personally connect with people at the weekend gatherings to_noemailanically promote a culture of discipleship and mission.
Lead All Connect Teams/Processes: (15%)
o Provide oversight to the Connect Team Leader to ensure that people and processes are in place to help guests b_noemaile fully-engaged partners with the Jackson Campus.
o Develop a team that facilitates a monthly training experience that helps people who are interested in launching or joining a missional_noemailmunity to take a next step.
o Lead the Extension Team, recruit and train teachers, infuse missional_noemailmunity style into each extension, and provide resources for appropriate follow up so that Extensions b_noemaile a major pathway for people to connect into missional_noemailmunities.
o Ensure that missional_noemailmunities and missionary training are promoted online, through printed material that is readily available on the weekends, and through physical presence within the church building (i.e. information wall, kiosk, etc.).
Serve on Leadership Team: Contribute to the development and implementation of high level visioning and strategizing for the Jackson Campus. (10%)
o Communicate and collaborate closely with other members of the Jackson Lead Team to prevent ministry silos from occurring and to promote alignment while creating positive synergy across teams and departments.
o Attend bi-monthly Jackson Lead Team meetings and contribute significantly to the development of high-level vision and strategy for the Jackson Campus.
o Complete special assignments assigned by the Jackson Campus pastor as required.

Position Information:

Job Title:
Director of Missional Communities
Time Type:
Full Time
Job Category:
Outreach Pastor
60,000 -70,000
Organization Type:
Christian Church
Worship Style:
Church Size:
1500 - 2000

Contact Information:

Organization Name:
RiverTree Christian Church
Contact Name:
Scott Nelson
7373 Portage St. NW
State or Province:
ZIP Code:
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