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Lead Pastor

Bethany Grace Fellowship

East Earl, PA

Category: Senior Pastor

Posted on: July 01, 2019

Job Description:

Lead Pastor Job Description
The Lead Pastor will proclaim the Gospel of Christ; nurturing the body of believers, and leading
in the execution of Bethany Grace Fellowship's Mission, Vision, and Values, in accordance with
the constitution and by-laws of Bethany Grace Fellowship.

Personal Traits
Demonstrate a clear testimony of faith and a passionate devotion to Christ and His

Model and exemplify the Biblical leadership and character qualities of an elder/overseer
found in 1 Timothy 3:1-7, Titus 1:5-9, and 1 Peter 5:1-5.

Live out and teach a lifestyle of adherence to biblical standards of morality, ethics, and
the fruit of the Spirit. Able to give trustworthy counsel.

Model personal balance by maintaining a strong devotional life of worship, prayer, and
personal study of God's Word resulting in a deepening spirituality and relationship with
Christ, as well as maintaining proper priorities at home with his wife and children.

Participate in on-going education and training opportunities that will enhance his
ministerial understanding and ability.

Possess strong interpersonal skills, being able to relate to all age groups, keep
confidences, and able to share his ministry with other Pastors and/or Elders as part of a
ministry team. Able to_noemailmunicate clearly, concisely, and lovingly in a Biblical manner.

Lead the church in proclaiming the Gospel in fulfillment of scripture, faithfully leading
and executing the mission and vision of Bethany Grace Fellowship.

Facilitate a team approach to ministry, functioning as both a mentor and collaborative
member of the Eldership team. Able to lead in a variety of contexts (individual, small
groups, large groups) in such a way that Jesus Christ and His Gospel are central.

Lead in the development of annual ministry goals, personally and by appropriate
ministry leaders in the church, that will build unity around the mission and vision of the
church. Build a culture of growth through the use of ministry goals for appraisal and
development of church staff and ministries.

Provide leadership to the pastoral and church staff in the design and implementation of
effective church ministries in accordance with scripture and the mission and vision of
the church.

Plan and conduct worship services, developing Biblically-based sermons, planning with
music leadership, and leading in the observance of Biblical ordinances.

Prepare monthly reports to the Elders on ministry a_noemailplishments and progress based
on the vision and mission of the church. The Elder Board will conduct an annual
performance appraisal based on this visional and missional goal development and

Congregational Care
Shepherd God's flock with a spirit of humility,_noemailpassion, wisdom, honesty, integrity,
and unity as a servant-leader.

Demonstrate a relational heart to care for people. Lead the development and
implementation of a system of member care; faithfully shepherding, training and
encouraging congregation members and ministries to care for each other as an example
of their love for Christ.

Demonstrate a clear focus on congregational care, dedicating a significant portion of his
ministry towards crisis care, counseling, weddings, funerals, relationship building, etc.
Available to visit and minister to partners and prospective partners in homes, nursing
care facilities, and hospitals.

Promote periods of evangelistic outreach emphasis for unbelievers and periods of
renewal for believers. Promote discipleship programs for believers and new converts.


To be submitted by each candidate:


List of References - 3 or more including board member(s) from most recent ministry. Please include current email and phone numbers.

Letters of r_noemailmendation that you might have in your possession

Personal testimony (2 pages or less)

Personal testimony of spouse (2 pages or less)

Letter of introduction to include; a brief account of why you believe Bethany might be a fit for your ministry, as well as a statement of how you see your gifting working to propel the mission and vision of Bethany GF forward.

A personal statement of doctrinal position

Links to 3 Recorded examples of preaching

Candidates are asked to send the following documentation as a single pdf file (less than 5MB is possible) attached to an email to: pastorsearch@bethanygf_noemail

Shortlisted candidates will also be required to submit FBI and clearances from each state that they have worked and lived in.

Our Search Committee will narrow our focus to a small number of finalists as early in the process as possible. A finalist candidate(s) together with their spouse (if applicable) will be invited to Bethany Grace Fellowship to preach, meet the congregation, and to engage in interviews with the Search Committee, Ministry Leaders and the Elder Board.

About Bethany Grace Fellowship:

We believe a healthy church will be made up of people from all ages, backgrounds, ethnicities, and maturity in their relationship with Christ. As each part of the body works together in unity, we will see the local church thrive, and the Gospel of Jesus Christ impact those in the church and those outside of the church. We are seeking a pastor who is passionate about the Gospel message and the local church. The right pastor candidate will be a team player who can provide leadership for the church and church ministries, alongside an engaged group of Elders. He will be passionate about seeing people grow in their knowledge of, and love for Jesus. He will look first to the needs of the congregation, to strengthen the congregation for ministry and outreach, while also looking for ways for us to collaborate with other churches and organizations as part of the larger body of Christ, to move the Gospel message forward. 


Preferred Qualifications Master's degree in ministry related area Experience as a Lead Pastor Ordination by a qualified body 

Position Information:

Job Title:
Lead Pastor
Time Type:
Full Time
Job Category:
Senior Pastor
Organization Type:
Worship Style:
Church Size:
250 - 500

Contact Information:

Organization Name:
Bethany Grace Fellowship
Contact Name:
Steven Leever
400 Reading Road
East Earl
State or Province:
ZIP Code:
Map this Organization:
Contact Email: