Nenana Bible Church

Nenana, AK 99760-0365

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Posted on: July 04, 2020

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Job Description:

We are seeking the man of God whom the Lord has called to be the Pastor at Nenana Bible Church. We are a small, established, fundamental, independent Bible church in need of revitalization. We are located in Nenana, Alaska, about fifty miles south of Fairbanks.
The pastor we are waiting on will have received a definite call from the Lord to serve in a small, rural community in interior Alaska. This man shall be a man who gives evidence of the call of God to the ministry of the gospel and of adherence to the Scriptural principles governing church leadership. He will have a deep reverence for the Word of God and a firm adherence to the fundamentals of the faith. He will perform regular undershepherd duties as he serves as pastor/teacher, delivering expository preaching of the Word of God (KJV) while conducting traditional Sunday morning worship.
This man of God shall be recognized as the God-appointed leader of the congregation. Any man to be considered as a candidate for this pastorate shall have read our Bylaws and shall have signified in writing his unreserved agreement with its provisions and respect for the nondenominational position of this church. The Pastor, by virtue of his office as spiritual leader and shepherd of the flock, becomes a member of this church, and his duties shall be those generally associated with his office, including the ministry of the Word, administration of the ordinances, and the care of the spiritual welfare of the members. He shall be an ex-officio member of all committees and organizations of the church.
Any man to be considered as a candidate for this pastorate will be in full agreement with our Statement of Faith as the established doctrinal teaching of Nenana Bible Church. He will be in agreement with this church's beliefs regarding tongues and healing: We believe that the sign gifts of the Holy Spirit, such as speaking in tongues and the gift of healing, were temporary. Speaking in tongues was never the common or necessary sign of the baptism or filling of the Holy Spirit. Ultimate deliverance of the body from sickness or death awaits the consummation of our salvation in the resurrection, although God frequently chooses to answer the prayers of believers for physical healing. (1 Cor. 1:22; 13:8; 14:21-22)
The pastor's teaching will be dispensational, pre-tribulational, and pre-millenial, upholding the mercy and sovereign grace of our Lord. He will stand against any and all worldly philosophies that seek to destroy or undermine the truth of Biblical Christianity such as liberalism, modernism, higher criticism, reconstructionism, feminism, successionism, ecumenicism, replacement theology.
He speaks the truth in love.


About Nenana Bible Church:

Church Profile Nenana Bible Church began as a mission church in the 1950’s under the oversight of Arctic Missions, Inc. NBC was incorporated as a non-profit religious organization in 1980 and became a self-governing, independent church at that time. Our Statement of Faith can be found here: Click on “What We Believe”. We conduct traditional worship services with expository preaching of the Word and congregational singing of the great hymns of the faith. We use the King James Version of the Bible. Information on the City of Nenana can be found at:,_Alaska  

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1 Timothy 3:1-13 Titus 1:5-9 

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Full Time
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$Less than 20,000
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less than 100

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