Senior Pastor

Alexander City Independent Methodist Church

Alexander City, AL 35010

Denomination: Wesleyan

Category: Senior Pastor, Lead Pastor

Posted on: September 25, 2020

Time Type: Full Time

Job Description:

Senior Pastor

Duties include but not limited to:
To be the spiritual leader accepting of all ages of the church and to preach Biblically based sermons as inspired by the Holy Spirit. To celebrate the rite of matrimony, provided it does not conflict with Biblical laws; to administer baptism and the sacrament of the Lord's Supper. To adhere to the general rules of the Church Constitution.
To preach the gospel as led by the Holy Spirit which includes the subjects of tithing, stewardship, and all other Biblical beliefs. To preach upon the subject of Christian education and upon the claims to Christian ministry, and to provide spiritual leadership to all members. To encourage all people of the congregation to read wholesome Christian literature and practice daily devotions.
To preach 2 sermons on Sunday (contemporary service at 9 am and traditional service at 11 am) and to lead one small group Bible study on Sunday or Wednesday evening.
To maintain a regular schedule of church office hours for personal bible study and spiritual counseling for members in need.
To be accountable to the Committee on Ministry and the Board of Stewards and to give a monthly pastoral report to the Board of Stewards as well as report to the annual church meeting on the general condition of the state of the church.
To be the chief administrator of the day-to-day operations of the church, to include all paid employees and to serve ex-officio on the Board of Stewards and all committees of the Board of Stewards, except the Committee on Ministry.
To train and instruct prospective members and institute membership classes for the training of all members.
To provide all new members with the Articles of Belief contained in the Church Constitution and to see that the ordinances and regulations of the Church Constitution are duly observed.
To be diligent on pastoral visiting and caring for the spiritual needs of the members.
To see that a permanent record is kept of all the baptisms and marriages within the church.
To see that a permanent record is kept up to date and reflects the name, date, and manner of reception and disposal of every member belonging to the church.
To furnish certificates of transfers upon request to anyone transferring from the church.


About Alexander City Independent Methodist Church:

Alexander City Independent Methodist Church is a very welcoming and loving church which is extensively involved in the local community through local missions as well as mission endeavors in other states and nations. We are located in Central Alabama about 40 miles from Auburn, 60 miles from Montgomery, and 70 miles from Birmingham.  

Job Qualifications:


Biblical seminary degree or Biblical college degree preferred

Excellent interpersonal skills for communicating and team building

Good organizational and time management skills


Creative and open to innovative ideas

Assertive personality with a teachable spirit

Maintain professional and spiritual integrity in public and on social media

Position Information:

Job Title:
Senior Pastor
Time Type:
Full Time
Not specified
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Worship Style:
Church Size:
250 - 500

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Alexander City Methodist Church
1020 11th Avenue North
Alexander City
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United States
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