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Teen Ministry Coordinator

New Community Bible Fellowship

Cleveland Heights, OH

Category: Other Ministry Jobs & Christian

Posted on: September 13, 2018

Job Description:

The vision for the leader of New Community's Teen Ministry can be summarized as: a leader with Biblical aptitude defined as not only a sound understanding of the Bible and doctrine, but the ability to relevantly teach those truths for life-change in an urban setting. Seminary training and a minimum of 2 years full-time relevant experience is required.

We are seeking a leader who understands discipleship and is able to effectively research, implement and modify Christian Education systems to a_noemailplish spiritual formation; A leader who has the ability and conviction to lovingly counsel spontaneously and in sessions, both teens and parents, in a way that produces growth and life change; A leader who embodies a willingness to sacrifice himself for the betterment of those he serves; A leader who can shepherd in moments of struggle, adversity and even celebration; A leader who can implement all of the above first and foremost with his team of volunteer leaders who are recruited, engaged in the vision and trained to execute; A leader that draws people by igniting and encouraging them; A leader who is able_noemailmunicate God's Word effectively to large groups of teens in a way that holds their attention and stirs them to live for God beyond the message.

The Teen Ministry Coordinator (TMC) is responsible for providing leadership, oversight and implementation of the youth ministry at New Community Bible Fellowship, which includes teens from thirteen years old to the age of eighteen. The TMC will work with and under the Director of Next Generations Ministries for the goal of overseeing all ministries and events designed with the purpose of reaching and discipling teenagers in Christ. Primary leadership requirements are the recruitment, development and oversight of all youth ministry leaders and team members. The goal is to raise up a generation passionate to know Jesus, to live for Jesus and to make Jesus known to family, friends and the uttermost parts of the earth.

The ultimate end is to produce a Christ centered teen ministry_noemailmitted to the Word, Worship, Witnessing, Wonders (Prayer), Warmth (Love) and Works (Serving according to spiritual gifts)

Visionary Responsibilities: Responsible for executing the vision of the Sr. Pastor as it relates to discipleship and spiritual growth plans for teens, special events and service opportunities.

1. Personal oversight and/or involvement of all ministries and events pertaining to teens, for the purpose of evaluation and ongoing training.

2. Assist the Director of Next Generations Ministries (DNGM) in speaking a_noemailpelling vision to introduce the teens, their ministry needs and events to the broader church_noemailmunity and especially other church leaders.

3. Through prayer and continual research r_noemailmend strategies for a_noemailplishing our goals to reach and disciple the teens.

4. Responsible for developing a_noemailprehensive biblical based curriculum from 7th grade thru (12) twelfth grade.

Oversight, Development and Directorship Duties and Responsibilities:

1. Oversee, approve and instruct administrative departments regarding announcements, program information, program inserts and other matters regarding the teen ministry.

2. Develop and implement a process to obtain feedback concerning the effectiveness of New Community Bible Fellowship's Teen Events and Ministries in meeting the needs of our teens and a_noemailplishing the overall goals set for our teens.

3. Intentionally plan events and activities to celebrate, encourage and reward volunteers and participants involved in the teen ministry.

4. In session with the DNGM, work in developing a Teen Worship service of excellence in proclamation of the word, music and overall programming.

5. Function as primary contact for leaders in the Teen Ministries to encourage, support and nurture volunteer teen ministry leaders and workers, to provide assistance, if needed, in resolving issues or concerns, and ensure all leaders are successfully meeting the goals and objectives outlined for their area of responsibility.

6. In session with the DNGM, prepare and administer the Teen budget while being careful to stay within the prescribed budgetary guidelines. In addition, the TMC will_noemailmunicate the calendar of events for all Teen Ministries' activities and programs to New Community's leaders, staff and members.

7. Provide weekly updates to the Senior Staff on the teen ministry.

8. Ongoing Coaching and Training of key members of your team.

9. Conduct regular meetings (at least once a month) with key leaders of your team to establish guidelines and expectations which facilitate effective_noemailmunication of goals outlined by the Senior Pastor and DNGM, and to ensure all elements of the youth ministry are fulfilling their purpose. Meetings must include adequate time in Bible study to spiritually nurture team members, encourage spiritual growth, and pray for issues / concerns of team members

10. Lead summer internship. Coordinate summer schedule, create and maintain budget, personally intervene when necessary for all pastoral care needs.

11. Liaison for all teen Life Groups systems and structure implemented by New Community Christian Education staff.

Personnel Duties and Responsibilities:

1. Anticipate volunteer staffing needs, and continually research and recruit volunteers from our church membership to build a solid core of teen ministry workers, volunteers and systems.

2. In session with the DNGM, church administration and Ministry Placement, ongoing recruitment and development of mentors, discipleship leaders, Sunday morning workers, service and activity leaders, counselors, evangelism and outreach leaders, and those

About New Community Bible Fellowship:

We are a small group driven ministry- thus striving to see every member involved in a small group within the church. New Community is a church plant, started 24 years ago in 1994 by our Sr. Pastor Kevin James. Our membership is currently at 3719 and we offer three identical services each Sunday morning. We have strong programs for both children and adults. Our average attendance on Sunday mornings is 1800 to 2000 between our three services and other educational and children's ministries being conducted. We have over 50 active ministries, which allow every member to find a place to serve in the church. We are a predominately African-American church with a small amount of racial diversity. Our worship style is contemporary gospel. Our ministry has already transcended beyond local to a regional level and it is our goal to grow into a world-class church ministry for the gospel of Jesus Christ.  


Minimum Qualifications and Experience: 1. New Community Bible Fellowship membership 2. Must exhibit a strong commitment to personal spiritual growth 3. Both Teen Leader and spouse must be willing to spend time in Bible Study with NCBF 4. Both Teen Leader and spouse must be willing to spend time in staff training at NCBF 5. Fully embraces the vision, mission, and values of New Community Bible Fellowship 6. Bachelors Degree from Accredited Seminary Required 7. Master's Degree from Accredited Bible College or Seminary Preferred 8. Proficient in Microsoft software where applicable to ministry duties 9. Excellent organizational, administrative, and team development skills 10. Must exhibit a continuous effort to develop and improve skills and knowledge 11. Must live a personal and private life exemplary of a mature Christian  

Position Information:

Job Title:
Teen Ministry Coordinator
Time Type:
Full Time
Job Category:
Other Ministry Jobs & Christian
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Church Size:
2000 - 5000

Contact Information:

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New Community Bible Fellowship
Contact Name:
Charles Domingue
3557 Washington Boulevard
Cleveland Heights
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