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Youth Pastor and Volunteer Cultivator

Watershed Charlotte

Charlotte, NC

Category: Youth Pastor & Youth Ministry

Posted on: August 31, 2017

Job Description:

Watershed is an urban, justice-minded church_noemailmunity in the heart of the city of Charlotte. We are almost 13 years old as a_noemailmunity and are looking for a Youth Pastor and Volunteer Cultivator to join our staff.

The main focus of this position is on our student expression at Watershed. Right now it is small and intimate, and we are searching for someone who understands how to create a culture that fuels the spiritual life of a student, includes them in the greater_noemailmunity of Watershed, and begins to help them see themselves as leaders and difference-makers in parts of their city and world where brokenness and suffering seemingly prevail.

The other piece of this post is a mash-up of_noemailanizational leadership, team building and leadership development. We are seeking to find someone that is highly skilled in their ability to create and grow leaders and facilitate paths for volunteers as the_noemailanization grows.


Pastor/Relational Connection:
- ability and savvy to engage others well
- not only_noemailpleting to-do lists but to be a viable voice and leader within our_noemailmunity and city
the ability to be present with people in their pain and brokenness

Leadership Development:
- setting expectations for teams with a high attention to detail
- clear_noemailmunication with leaders and volunteers
- the ability to take an idea from concept to actualization without oversight or hand-holding

Theological Bent:

Watershed is a_noemailmunity that has continued to evolve in the way it sees the world theologically. Hence, there is a thread of theological diversity that exists. So much of who we are as a_noemailmunity invites people to process their lives and spiritual journey through relationships, service and our Sunday morning gatherings. While we are deeply anchored in a Christo-centric reality and the scriptures, we are very_noemailfortable with a Socratic approach to helping others.

- being_noemailfortable enough in your own theological skin to lead along side of others who may see the world through a different theological or doctrinal lens
- an ongoing pursuit of knowing God better and helping other to do the same
- the ability to sit in the liminal space outside of dualistic thinking

Necessary Qualifications:

Youth Pastor
- 3 or more years of experience
- Proven ability to grow a youth program
- Strong ability to manage a volunteer support team
- Robust public speaking and_noemailmunication skills
- 3 or more years of experience leading volunteer teams
- Proven ability to set up sustainable volunteer experiences
- Examples of growing teams and building infrastructure

Preferred Qualifications
- Work in some sort of task management software
- Proficiency with technology and inte_noemail-based software
- Writing and editing skills

Bonus Qualifications
- Proficient in Planning Center, CCB (Church Community Builder), Slack, Pages, Numbers, Excel, iMovie, Canva, Todoist
- Social media marketing proficiency
- Curriculum writing
- Teaching experience in a public school setting

Before you fill out the questionnaire, please visit http://www.watershedcharlotte_noemail/beliefs/ and http://www.watershedcharlotte_noemail/faqs/

These two pages will help you to understand much more clearly who we are.

Applicant is asked to fill out this form (https://fs19.formsite_noemail/WatershedCharlotte/form11/index.html) and we will be in touch with the candidates that we feel best fit our search.

Position Information:

Job Title:
Youth Pastor and Volunteer Cultivator
Time Type:
Full Time
Job Category:
Youth Pastor & Youth Ministry
Organization Type:
Worship Style:
Church Size:
500 - 750

Contact Information:

Organization Name:
Watershed Charlotte
Contact Name:
Austin Smith
1318 Central Ave, Suite A-12
State or Province:
ZIP Code:
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