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Timberline Church

Aztec, NM

Category: Youth Pastor & Youth Ministry

Posted on: June 02, 2023

Job Description:

Help wanted: 20-something, high energy, youth pastor, with nearly 30 years experience. Must be musical, administrative, funny, serious,_noemailpassionate, strict, a night owl, a morning person, and willing to do anything but be convicted of nothing. Must be highly educated but_noemailpletely humble, willing to work for peanuts,_noemailmit to 20 years, trained in handyman services, and willing to fill in as a children's pastor and senior adult leader. Good with kids. Good with youth. Good with adults. Highly experienced in performing funerals, hygienic, and willing to teach stinky teens to be the same. Athletic and nerdy, outreach minded while discipleship-focused. Fluent in Spanish, and Navajo, with a working knowledge of Greek and Hebrew. Must have experience with auto repair (particularly church vans), a potential parent willing to dedicate their free time to other people's children, and paid time off as long as it doesn't interfere with spring, summer, fall, or winter schedules. Willing to start tomorrow.

If you have made it this far through our imaginative description, shoot us a note, we would love to talk to you!

Specific Responsibilities:
1. Inspirational Worship: Create dynamic and transformative worship experiences that engage the youth on a deep spiritual level. Create an atmosphere where they can encounter God's presence, surrender their hearts, and respond in worship and adoration.
2. Visionary Teaching: Deliver thought-provoking and relevant sermons and Bible studies that ignite a hunger for God's Word. Challenge the youth to think critically, wrestle with tough questions, and apply biblical truths to their daily lives.
3. Discipleship and Mentorship: Invest in the spiritual development of the youth by providing intentional discipleship and mentorship. Guide them in establishing a firm foundation in their faith, nurturing their personal relationship with God, and encouraging them to grow as disciples and leaders.
4. Purposeful Programming: Develop and implement innovative programs and initiatives that empower the youth to make a lasting impact in their_noemailmunities and beyond. Create opportunities for service, missions, social justice, and leadership development, cultivating a generation of world-changers.
5. Authentic Community Building: Foster an authentic and fun_noemailmunity where the youth can connect deeply with one another and experience genuine fellowship. Organize small groups, retreats, and events that encourage vulnerability, support, and accountability.
6. Cultivating Spiritual Gifts: Identify and nurture the unique gifts and talents of the youth. Provide opportunities for them to explore and develop their God-given abilities, equipping them to serve in various ministries and utilize their gifts for Kingdom purposes.
7. Outreach: Lead the youth in engaging their peers and the wider_noemailmunity with the love and truth of Jesus. Organize outreach events, evangelistic initiatives, and creative evangelism strategies that meet people where they are and bring them closer to God.
8. Collaborative Leadership: Work closely with church leadership, staff, and volunteers to align the youth ministry with the overall vision and mission of the church. Collaborate on strategic planning, integration with other ministries, and church-wide initiatives.
9. Cultivating Culture of Excellence: Encourage a culture of excellence and growth, challenging the youth to strive for their best in all areas of life. Empower them to pursue academic, artistic, and personal excellence, recognizing that their gifts and talents are instruments for God's glory.
10. Lifelong Learner: Stay current with trends, research, and best practices in youth ministry. Continually seek personal and professional development through reading, attending conferences, and_noemailworking with other visionary leaders.

About Timberline Church :

We love the church body and are working to be more like Jesus. Easier said than done!

Our community is a big deal to us! We see our community as an extension of our church. We have an in-school mentoring program that reaches over 400 students a week, a ministry that is focused on foster families, and close connections to city leaders, teachers, and businesses. Because of this most of the time, we are not in the office but out connecting to people. The Sunday service is not our focus (although it is important), reaching our community is.

We value authenticity, truth, the presence of God, and being part of the lives God has placed us around.  


We were kidding about knowing Spanish, Navajo, Greek, and Hebrew. However, we would prefer applicants with the following qualifications:

1. Humble/Teachable
2. A vibrant personal faith in Jesus Christ and a deep understanding of biblical truth.
3. Proven experience in youth ministry or related leadership roles, with a track record of inspiring spiritual growth and transformation.
4. A bachelor's degree in theology, ministry, or a related field is preferred, but not required, demonstrating a solid biblical foundation.
5. Strong preaching and teaching abilities, with the skill to communicate biblical truths in a compelling and relevant manner.
6. Exceptional leadership and visionary thinking, able to cast a compelling vision for youth ministry and mobilize others towards its realization.
7. Excellent interpersonal skills.
8. Strategic planning and organizational skills to develop and execute visionary programs and initiatives.  

Position Information:

Job Title:
Youth Pastor
Time Type:
Full Time
Job Category:
Youth Pastor & Youth Ministry
30,000 - 40,000
Organization Type:
Assembly of God
Worship Style:
Church Size:
100 - 250

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Timberline Church
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311 Ruins Rd
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United States
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