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  Youth Pastor


Boise, ID

Category: Youth Pastor & Youth Ministry

Posted on: February 16, 2021

Job Description:

Position: Youth Pastor, Full Time

Church: True Hope Church Boise, Idaho. Downtown Campus.


Ultimately, a Youth Pastor's purpose is to encourage and develop youth and their parents to b_noemaile all that God has planned for them on this earth. The measure of his or her success is that they lead people to Jesus and help them grow in their relationship with Him such that they follow hard after Him their whole life and b_noemaile reproducing believers what lead others to Him as well.

The Youth Pastor is responsible for the success of student ministries at True Hope Church by providing leadership and relational discipleship to students from the grade of 7-12.


We at True Hope church desire a Church and Youth Ministry that:

Disciples & Equips parents and students to abide with Christ, serve Him and others, and reach others with the Gospel.

Seeks to create inter-generational environments, thereby providing each student care from at least five different adults (e.g. parents, pastor, small group leader, service partner).

Partners with the parents by encouraging and equipping them to be the primary spiritual caregiver in their home.

Has a presence on the local school campuses through prayer, service, and appreciation.

Lives in_noemailmunity with families encouraging each of them in their relationship with Christ and calling to serve Him.

Builds leaders that reproduce leaders


To relate with youth in large groups, small groups, and one on one.

To teach God's Word in a relatable way with excellence.

To collaborate with the creative arts/worship team to provide opportunities for the students to learn a lifestyle of worship and prayer to engage His presence and abide in Him.

To recruit, train, and encourage qualified volunteers:
To be present in students lives

Help students clarify their faith

Inspire students through their own example

Empower students to serve others and live on mission

To build leaders among students and volunteers that own youth ministry and the overall church.

To develop and maintain a relationship with the local Jr. High and Sr. High schools through prayer, service and appreciation

To connect with True Hope families and visiting guests.

To partner effectively with parents for the training of their children and students through consistent_noemailmunication, helpful resources, practical ideas, etc.

To maintain and track a budget as related to youth ministry areas.

To oversee the follow up and assimilation of all first time guests and their parents.

To track appropriate measurements to ensure the a_noemailplishment of our vision and goals.

To collaborate and plan efficiently and effectively the events that pertain to youth ministry.

To create and implement proper promotion for all events and programming.

To thoroughly enjoy students.


True Hope Church is a church founded in Boise over 150 years ago. In the last 10 years the True Hope family of churches has grown by planting one church, adopting another church as our second campus, and are in the process of adopting a third church in Nampa (about 20 miles away from Boise). Our passion and focus is on multiplication throughout Boise, the Treasure Valley and the world.

Our church has been growing steadily for the last 25 years under the leadership of Pastor Bruce Young. Our two campuses had about 720 in attendance, pre-Covid. Currently we have two in-person/online services at the Downtown campus, and two in-person services and one on-line at the Collister campus. Both campuses have a teaching pastor and multiple staff. Recently our Downtown campus youth pastor, Sasha Rasumussen, has been called to transition to our new True Hope campus in Nampa as the lead pastor, accepting the challenge of shepherding this congregation through the adoption process. Sasha's transition has opened the youth minister position at our Downtown campus.

Our church is multi-generational. We believe a thriving church should be attractive to all ages as part of the body of Christ. True Hope church is engaged in the_noemailmunity through our weekly Saturday food bank, our relationship with schools, "The Basement" which is a student clothing ministry, and partnership with our local homeless shelters. Additionally we are involved in the leadership among the City Network which is a group of churches cooperating to plant multiple churches in the area in an effort to reach the rapidly growing Boise area.

Our church is American Baptist by history. We are conservative in theology and in our view of the inspiration and authority of the Bible. We seek to be a multiplying_noemailmunity of people transformed by the Gospel, devoted to God's Word,_noemailmitted to_noemailmunity, and relentless in prayer until our families, neighbors, city and our world know that Jesus is true hope.



Education and experience:

Minimum Bachelor's degree required, preferably in a field relating to Biblical studies, theology or Christian ministry. In some instances, an appropriate combination of experience and/or other training may be sufficient. Experience in Youth ministry is necessary

Position Information:

Job Title:
Youth Pastor
Time Type:
Full Time
Job Category:
Youth Pastor & Youth Ministry
Organization Type:
Baptist - American
Worship Style:
Church Size:
500 - 750

Contact Information:

Organization Name:
Contact Name:
Ric Nelson
607 N. 13th St.
State or Province:
ZIP Code:
United States
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