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Spiritual Formations Pastor

Church 3Twentyone

Sylvania, OH

Category: Associate Pastor

Posted on: December 18, 2019

Job Description:

Mandate: The Pastor hired for this position is accountable to the Elders for guiding and equipping the Church 3Twentyone community to develop and live in relationships as fully devoted followers of Jesus. The path towards becoming a fully devoted follower of Jesus includes pastoral care, offering counsel, spiritual growth and outreach. This position will serve as a member of the Elder board. In addition, this position will serve as a spiritual leader of Church 3TwentyOne including the leadership of Spiritual Formation Team, following the command of Jesus to go and make disciples, teaching them to obey all that Jesus commanded.
In addition to teaching and preaching as called upon, responsibilities include but are not limited to:
Pastoral Care - care given by the pastor and other appointed leaders
1. Partner with Elders, Senior Leadership, deacons, and other leaders in encouraging and equipping the Church 3Twentyone community.regular attenders Also, to be active in relationships of pastoral care (e.g., mentoring, 321GO, Life Groups, etc.).
2. In conjunction with the Elders, lead and provide pastoral care and comfort to the Church 3twentyone community in times of sorrow or joy (births, marriages, illness, death, etc.).
Spiritual Growth - Create an environment that inspires and equips those that call Church 3twentyone home in their spiritual growth through discipleship
1. Be an example to the leadership and the congregation of spiritual maturity sprinkled with authenticity and humility as one closely following Jesus, knowing that the finish line is still ahead.
2. Partner with leadership to develop, encourage and promote broad Church community involvement in in the personal disciplines of reading Scripture, prayer, and meditation.; as well as adult educational opportunities so that strong relationships of spiritual growth are fostered.
3. In coordination with other leaders, encourage and teach a full understanding of God's Word as: 1) the directly spoken and inerrant Word of God and 2) the power to change and transform any and all who seek to follow Jesus.
4. In coordination with other leaders, teach a full understanding of God's Church and His church - it's purpose to make God's glory known to all Spiritual forces in the heavenly realms (Eph 3:10) through various ministries and relationships (Spiritual Formations, Life Groups, Bible Studies, one-on-one discipling, preaching).
5. Lead fellow staff members, elders and spiritual formations team in the development of a strategy for inspiring and assessing the spiritual growth within the body.
Outreach Lead the Church 3Twentyone community in reaching out to others within our city of Sylvania community and world
1. Partner with the leader of 321GO so that all Church3TwentyOne regular attendees recognize that outreach, evangelism, and missions are essential to becoming fully devoted followers of Jesus.
2. Serve as a leader and a resource person for and co-laborer with all those involved in the leadership of outreach, evangelism and missions in the church.
Administrative and Leadership Responsibilities
1. Participate with the Elders and pastoral staff the annual planning of programs, calendar, budget, conferences and retreats.
2. Provide primary decision making for the daily operation of the church.
3. Evaluate the evolving needs of the church and work to strengthen the ministry program in keeping with those needs.
4. Supervise the maintenance of the master program/facilities calendar of the church.
5. Look for new ways of organizing, operating and carrying out ministry that will increase the church's impact and influence for the Kingdom of God.
6. Network with leaders of churches similar to Church 3TwentyOne in vision and size that will enable incorporation of best practices and bench marking.
7. Evaluate staffing structure and propose adjustments as necessary.
8. Conduct annual review of church policies, and By-Laws for proposed updates.
9. In conjunction with the Elders, develop and oversee an annual survey to assess spiritual growth and church needs.
10. Oversee and communicate with the ministry leaders for 321Kids, Student Ministries, and Life Groups. This includes semi-regular attendance within each of these ministries to provide support and guidance.
11. Complete and communicate evaluations assigned by elder team.
Character, Competencies and Chemistry
1. Committed to personal Spiritual growth through the daily disciplines of spending time alone with God through prayer, reading God's Word, and meditation; seeking His will for every area of ones life including the church.
2. Strong oral and written communication skills.
3. Strong administrative, organizational and interpersonal skills. Ensures that all tasks are done correctly, thoroughly, and with precision.
4 Maintain a humble spirit and commitment to teamwork with other pastors, staff, elders, and the church community


Job Qualifications:

1. Once hired, must regularly attend Church 3TwentyOne, and understand and embrace the call God has placed on the leadership of Church 3Twentyone to be a Christ-like synergy of Grace and Truth.
2. Experience in church or para-church ministry; giving evidence of an ability to organize, lead, encourage, motivate and work with others. Demonstrates a capacity to develop and lead a team toward the mission and purpose of Church 3twentyone.
3. Gives evidence of spiritual discernment as well as a clear conviction and passion for leading God's people in continual spiritual growth and reaching out to others.
4. Must embrace and model the Values of Church 3TwentyOne and follow the Church
3Twentyone code of conduct.
5. Must possess a ministry-related degree or be in the process of obtaining a degree in a ministry-related field

Position Information:

Job Title:
Spiritual Formations Pastor
Time Type:
Full Time
Job Category:
Organization Type:
Worship Style:
Church Size:
250 - 500

Contact Information:

Organization Name:
Contact Name:
Abigail Tillman
5845 Centennial Rd
State or Province:
ZIP Code:
United States
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