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In order to protect the privacy of potential job candidates, searching of our Resume Database is limited to the following:

- Churches/Organizations that post a premium job listing.

Resume Database access is included FREE with each paid listing.

- Churches/Organizations that establish a Church account for the purpose of viewing resumes.

This account is for churches who do not need to post a job listing, but only want to view resumes of potential candidates. The account carries an annual fee of $129.95. This nominal fee entitles you to access the resume database and receive a $129.95 credit towards your first paid job listing.

We strongly encourage you to Post a Premium Job Listing and get the resume database access FREE. We DO NOT recommend purchasing the resume database access only option because you'll get far better results by posting a job listing. If however you simply want to search the database you can sign up for an account here. You will receive a $129.95 credit towards your first premium job listing.

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