What's New at ChurchJobs.net

We are constantly striving to make our service as good as it can be. With feedback from our users, we are working on new features regularly. This is simply a short list of new features and fixes at ChurchJobs.net.

Applications now listed next to Resume title in My ChurchJobs

The "My Applications" box has been removed from My ChurchJobs. Applications are now listed next to the resume title and provides a more logical flow.

New Social Media Links

There are new social media icons for Job Listings and Resumes. Visit My ChurchJobs to edit your Job Listing or Resume and add your social media links now!

New Website Launched

We have launched our updated website. It is similar, but newer. We hope you enjoy it!

New Top Search Box

We have a new top search box on all search pages. We hope it makes it easier to navigate the site!

Please see our Blog

For the latest news please also see our Blog.

Free Resumes are Back!

We have brought back our Basic level Free Resume.

Expanded Featured Jobs Section on Home Page

We have made more room for Premium and Gold Star Listings on our home page. You get much more exposure with our Premium listings.

Church Career Hints and Tips

We have a few church career related hints and tips.

Embed Photo Albums in Gold Star Resumes

Gold Star resumes now have the ability to embed photo albums so you can have more pictures in your resume.

Secondary Category for Resumes

Gold Star Resume listings can now be listed in a second category. Check out all the benefits of Gold Star listings here.

New Sorting Rules

We have changed the way we sort job listings in our search pages. We used to list all Premium listings first, but we are now listing jobs by date. Premium listings are still marked with red text, and starting today all 3 month postings will get bold type. Our Gold Star listings will get an additional gold highlight in the search results pages making them stand out even more. Read more in the Blog.

New Blog Menu Item

We've added a link to Blog in our very top navigation menu. The little black box at the top of the page.

New Home Page

In case you haven't already noticed we debuted a new home page. We hope it is easier to find what you're looking for. If you prefer the old page you can still use it. Just go here and bookmark it.

Secondary Categories

Gold Star listings can now be listed in a second category. Check out all the benefits of Gold Star listings here.

Let ChurchJobs.net Screen Applicants for you with Premium Listings

Churches now have the option to let us screen applicants by setting minimum education and years of experience. If these are sets, only applicants that meet your requirements will be allowed to apply for the job. This will cut down the number of applicants you will receive, but can be beneficial for certain churches. This is available on Gold Star listings.

ChurchJobs.net Mobile

We've redone our mobile site to include Search. Check it out at m.churchjobs.net on your mobile.

ChurchJobs.net Blog

Most new features at ChurchJobs.net will now be announced on our Blog.

New Christian Musician Category

By request we have added a new category for Christian Musicians. You can now post a resume or job listing specifically for Christian musicians in your area. If you're a Christian Musician for hire post your Resume and let churches find you.

Bulk Packages

We are now selling bulk job packages. Pricing and info is here.

Basic Listings on Home Page

Basic listings now appear on the ChurchJobs.net Home Page. They still do not show up in the Premium Listings boxes on other pages around the site, but they do show up on the front page.

ChurchJobs.net on Twitter

We are now on Twitter so if you'd like to follow us there click here.

Speed up jobs search

We have taken steps to speed up the jobs search. The search routine is much faster now.

Embed YouTube or GodTube Videos on Resumes

Candidates can now embed videos hosted at YouTube or GodTube into their resumes.

Background Checks

ChurchJobs.net has partnered with Secure Search to provide Christian based background checks for your potential staff and volunteers. Find out more!.

New Help Database

We've started a new searchable help database to better server our customers. If you have a question that you need answered, try the new Help Database.

Recommended Resumes

All Churches who posted a Premium Job will now get 10 recommended Resumes in the category that their job is in. This is in addition to the featured premium resumes that we already recommend.

Detailed View in Searches

All of our searches now have both Brief and Detialed views. If you simply want to see a list of titles in the search, choose Brief at the top of the search results table.

Salary Database

We've started a new Salary Database for users to research salaries from various jobs. To research salaries click here.

Latest Gold Star Resumes on Front Page

We've started to list the latest Gold Star Resumes on the ChurchJobs.net front page for more exposure. As you will notice we do not list the names of candidates on the front page. Churches will have to login to see the full resume details.

Application Email Saved

Churches can now refer back to the first email they received from a candidate, when that candidate applied for a position through our site. Churches will find this email in the Application Manger in their My ChurchJobs page.

Job Status

We've implemented a new feature for Gold Star listings. All Gold Star listings now have the ability to be suspended. This means that a church who is receiving too many resumes can temporarily take their listing offline. When they get caught up, they can make their listing Live again.

Suspended listings remain in our database but do not show up in any of the searches. This was a requested feature that we implemented.

Gold Star Listings Appear in Bold Type

All Gold Star Listings now get even more visibility because they appear in bold type in all search lists.