Why pastors won't ask for a raise

We recently came across an interesting blog post by Tom S. Rainer entitled, 'The Top five reasons your pastor will not ask for a raise." Mr. Rainer presents some valuable insights that should be considered by churches hiring pastors.

"Look for a moment at these numbers. Let’s assume there are 500 cases of financial abuse and indulgence among ministers taking place today. I’m not convinced the number is that high, but we will use it as a starting point.

There are approximately 1.2 million paid staff members in Protestant churches. That means there are four cases of financial abuse for every 10,000 ministers. To state it positively, there are 9,996 ministers of every 10,000 who are either paid adequately or below their needs."

Now come the top 5 reasons pastors don't ask for a raise:

"First, the ministers are aware that a few bad examples in ministry have poisoned perceptions for many. The abuses have garnered much attention. Many ministers think that they will be associated with the small minority if they say a word.

Second, many ministers view money as an “earthly” issue. Their role is to focus on spiritual matters. They are to keep quiet when any discussion of their pay takes place. They certainly are not to ask for anything financially."

For the other three reasons read the full entry at the link below.