5 Pastor Search Committee Tips

What is the first step for your Pastor Search Committee? After organizing your committee and setting the parameters for your search, a visit to ChurchJobs.net should be at the top of your list. We have a variety of resources that will help your committee, as well as current church job listings and thousands of minister resumes.

1. Consider the definition of the church

Dr. Matt Sanders makes some key points to consider in "Don't lose your theology when looking for a pastor":

  • The church is a living, dynamic organism.
  • Each member, including the pastor, is a unique member.
  • Every time a pastor leaves or comes, the church changes.
  • Because the church changes when a pastor leaves and the pastor is unique, the church cannot simply look for someone just like the previous pastor. An identical pastor does not exist.

2. Read helpful articles from Dr. Matt Sanders:

The following articles she light on the pastor search process.

3. Research Pastor Salaries

Our salary database to get an idea of what salary range your position should be in. The salary database will
provide valuable information as you decide what kind of package to put together.

4. Search current job listings

Search the current pastor job listings to get an idea of how to write your listing. You'll learn a lot from churches in a similar position.

5. Post a job listing

Adding your job opening to ChurchJobs.net will publicize your vacancy. You will gain access to our resume database where you search through thousands of resumes that ministers all over the country have posted on our site. We have 4 levels of job listings. The Gold Star listings give you the best tools to manage your search including, second and third categories, temporary job listing suspension, job stays listed until the position is filled, and more.


Placing a job listing on ChurchJobs.net will instantly publicize your church job opening to the world. Thousands of pastors ministers visit our site daily to find pastor jobs!

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