What makes ChurchJobs.net different?

At ChurchJobs.net, our focus is solely on connecting churches with quality candidates. Our goal is to provide the best service possible so the right person fills the right position every time. This means we make choices in how we operate.

    Unique Tools & Features
    We have unique features like second and third job categories, see who views your resume, applicant screening, PSC email notifications, complimentary date resets, and more.

    Minimal Advertising
    Unlike other sites, we do not flood our users with ads because we believe our users care mostly about our job listings. Therefore, we keep advertising out of the way and to a minimum.

    No Spam!
    We do not spam our users. We only send email notifications to users who sign up to receive them.

    No Targeted Email Ads
    Although we are often asked to send targeted email ads, we never do.

    No Selling of your Information
    We never sell the contact information or any other data of our users.

    No Saved Financial Information
    We use Paypal to process our credit cards. That means we never hold any financial information from our users. If our server was ever compromised, no financial information would be leaked by us because we don't have any financial information.

    Candidate Privacy
    We protect our Candidates by requiring only paid Church accounts to have access to the Resume Database. Most Candidates, whether a pastor, worship leader, music minister, etc., do not want their name appearing on a jobs website if they are currently serving in a church.

    Simple, Straightforward Pricing
    Our pricing structure is simple, straightforward, and lower than comparable sites. Many churches pay thousands of dollars for a church recruiting service, but at ChurchJobs.net you can reach ministers all over the country, and the world, for a reasonable price! We base our prices on a combination of time and features. You will find our Premium listings to have the best benefits of any similar site.

    Quick Help
    Quick response to customer service inquiries.

    Mobile Friendly
    We were the first church employment site to have a mobile version. Our site is now responsive so users can manage their search on any device.

    We connect churches with quality candidates every day!
    Our goal has been the same since we launched in 2001 - to connect churches with quality candidates every day. We are still focused on the goal and that will never change. If we can do anything to help you connect with a ministry opportunity, please let us know.

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