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Praise & Worship Leader

Asbury UMC

York, PA

Category: Worship Leader, Music Minister, Worship Pastor

Posted on: April 21, 2014

Job Description:

Asbury United Methodist Church is currently looking for a Praise & Worship Leader for our contemporary praise and worship services. We seek to have a service of worship that emphasizes a variety of elements and styles that focuses on giving glory to God and inspiring our church_noemailmunity to full participation in the mission of God, which we believe is to introduce others to Christ and grow more like him together.

Spiritual Qualifications:
1. Demonstrate a passion for Christ and his Kingdom through personal spiritual discipline and public ministry.
2. Seek to grow in that relationship with Christ through personal spiritual discipline, education,
accountability, and service to his Kingdom.

Professional Qualifications
1. Experience: At least 1 year of leading a congregation in public worship, with a_noemailmitment of
seeking to grow in that area.
2. Musical skills: Ability to sing and lead worship while playing the guitar or keyboard; and must have a general knowledge of sound and media equipment. Must have the ability to read music.
3. Education: At least 1 year of biblical & ministry education at the collegiate level preferred, though not absolutely necessary.

General Duties
1. Work with the Pastor to create a well-planned and prayerful worship services.
2. To oversee and coordinate all musical aspects of the praise & worship services.
a. Lead praise band, singers, and congregation in worship at weekly Saturday evening and Sunday morning worship services.
b. Any necessary rehearsals; likely a weekly evening rehearsal and pre-service warm up which should be_noemailpleted at least 15 minutes prior to the services.
c. Praise Teams To recruit, audition and develop rotating teams of musicians and singers to perform during the services. All participants should also demonstrate the Spiritual Qualifications mentioned above.
d. Teaching Must work to improve the musical abilities of musicians and singers.
3. To oversee and coordinate the music binders for the Worship teams, song selection file, file drawers for the sheet music, and to r_noemailmend any purchases of sheet music for the u_noemailing year.
4. Work with the Praise Team to create schedules for weekly worship services.
5. Periodically review all instruments to make sure that they are in good working order. If anything needs repaired or to purchase new instruments, it must be approved by the Church Council.
6. Be available for any additional events such as special concerts, off campus events, drama shows, etc.
7. Any additional duties as agreed upon by the Lead Pastor.

Other Duties/Information
1. The Praise & Worship Leader position reports to the Lead Pastor and SPRC, and is part of the Asbury Leadership Team. Thus we require that the Praise & Worship leader attend all Leadership meetings.
2. The Lead Pastor and SPRC will give the Praise and Worship Leader an annual evaluation, the results of which will be submitted to the SPRC for salary r_noemailmendations.
3. If there any issues or concerns Praise and Worship Leader should see the Pastor and/or the SPRC Committee for reconciliation of those items.
4. It is possible that this position may change or evolve as time moves on. The Praise and Worship Leader must be flexible and capable of any changes needed to provide quality worship services to the congregation.
5. This is a Part-Time position of 20 hours per week. Because the position interacts directly with members of the congregation, it is expected that the Praise and Worship Leader must be available for practices on selected nights through the work week and at the Saturday and Sunday services. A schedule will be discussed and agreed upon with the employee, the Pastor and the SPRC Committee.
6. Compensation: The annual_noemailpensation and salary will be_noemailpetitive with similar positions of local churches depending on the skills and experience of the applicant.

The Top Strategic Goals for this Position:
1. To plan worship services for 3-6 months in advance.
2. To determine a number of ways to "open the doors" for greater recruitment.
3. To lead a weekly night practice time for the worship teams, including times of prayer together.
4. To cultivate greater_noemailmunity in the worship personnel.
5. To help Asbury United Methodist Church better understand and involve themselves in public worship.

To apply for this position, please send your resume, statement of faith, personal testimony, and a DVD recording of you leading worship or performing to:

Pastor Yvette Davis
Asbury United Methodist Church
340 E. Market Street
York, PA 17403
website: www.asburyyork_noemail


Position Information:

Job Title:
Praise & Worship Leader
Time Type:
Part Time
Job Category:
Worship Leader, Music Minister, Worship Pastor
20,000 - 30,000
Organization Type:
United Methodist
Worship Style:
Church Size:
250 - 500

Contact Information:

Organization Name:
Asbury UMC
Contact Name:
Doug Clark
340 E. Market Street
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