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  Assistant to the Rector

Christ Church Easton

Easton, MD

Category: Associate Pastor

Posted on: June 29, 2015

Job Description:

Reporting directly to the Rector, the Assistant to the Rector (or Curate) will assist the Rector in all sacerdotal roles and will have principle responsibility for the church's ministry to families with young children and youth, ne_noemailers, pastoral care and Christian education. He or she will work to attract and bring families with children to the knowledge and love of God and, by word and example, encourage all people in their lives in Christ.


Worship -- The Assistant to the Rector will play an important role in our evangelistic pursuit of the strategy of "building churches." For the sake of our_noemailanization, every worship service is considered a "church." On Sunday morning worship services are at 8:00am, 9:15am, and 11:00am. In the office we discuss this as the three "churches." Our current goal is the growth of the fourth worship service on Saturday evening which began in January 2012. The Saturday evening worship is a more contemporary and by design a_noemailfortable format and program. While it is still small, it also has some significant opportunities for the future. It has been a positive experience so far, even as it is developing its style and "voice."

Christian Education and Evangelism -- The Assistant to the Rector will be expected to work with the Rector and Youth Minister(s) to plan and execute learning opportunities and experiences that will nurture the ministries and faith of our children, teens, and their parents as well as young adult parishioners. We desire the development of what would amount to a school of Christian discipleship.

We understand this to be a_noemailprehensive program of education for those seeking to learn and to mature intentionally in the faith. This will include, but is not limited to,_noemailanizing presentations, seminars, seasonal classes, small groups, and on-going home/prayer groups, and mission trips, as well as the raising up and training/supporting of teachers, facilitators, and assistants. At this time in our development, the youth ministry and Christian education programming will be focused on children from nursery through the middle school ages, with events and missions trips for young people (High School) and adults.

The discipline of study and prayer is important to who we are as an informed, rational, and Biblically-grounded congregation. The Scriptures are essential to our identity as Christians. We do not observe a literalist reading of the texts; however we are theologically orthodox and do believe that the narrative and the teachings the foundation of our faith and our principles.

Concurrent with the_noemailmencement of the youth program was an identified goal of breaking down the cliché limitations and expectations of what constitutes "youth ministry" and "Sunday School." It has been slow going, with some meaningful a_noemailplishments and some nagging difficulties. One particular area that has yet to find success has to do with parental involvement. This is not a unique difficulty; but it is one that is essential for us to address more effectively.

Therefore the Curate will create and build a program that is intentional about supporting parents, which may well also include other young adults, in their own lives as Christians and it will be conducive to developing that_noemailmunity in the church.

The Curate will support a number of popular programs and events developed for children and teens over the years, including the "First Communion," "Confirmation" and CORE programs.

New vision, changes and additional programming is anticipated, expected, and we_noemaile.

Pastoral Care -- The Curate will address pastoral matters that arise in the course of his/her ministry. This is a team-effort. He or she will work with the Rector to increase the depth, breadth, spirituality and reach of the general pastoral care presence of the church.

Church growth – In all aspects of the Curate's work, we will strive to grow the church. We are in the process of trying to move outside the current limitations of our ministries; and we know changes are_noemailing. How we apply the time and assets of the church will depend on the effectiveness of our efforts in growing the congregation on every level.

Administration -- The Assistant to the Rector will be responsible for the_noemailanization and implementation of those programs he or she is involved in directly. Other responsibilities will be assigned by the Rector as the needs arise.


Position Information:

Job Title:
Assistant to the Rector
Time Type:
Full Time
Job Category:
Associate Pastor
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Church Size:
250 - 500

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Christ Church Easton
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Jana Leslie
111 S. Harrison Street
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