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Business Adminstrator

Marysville First United Methodist Church

Marysville, OH

Category: Business/Administration

Posted on: June 30, 2016

Job Description:

Marysville First UMC Business Administrator Position

The Business Administrator serves in support of the Senior Pastor in the administration of the business functions of the church. This position shall be responsible for the oversight of the day to day operations of the church office, all FUMC Facilities and Properties, and Administrative Teams.
1. This is a full time, salaried position.
2. This position shall be directly accountable to and receive direction from the Senior Pastor.
a) Meet regularly with Senior Pastor
b) Receive an annual review from the Senior Pastor.
2. This position shall be primary staff person to work in cooperation with the Administrative Teams.
a) Authority to make day to day decisions with intent to honor direction of administrative teams
3. In keeping with a core value of team based ministry, this position will be intentional about forming and supporting teams to a_noemailplish tasks that_noemaile before the church.
4. Supervise all administrative and facility staff and volunteers.
5. Maintain confidentiality of appropriate church information.

Administrative Responsibilities

Office Management
1. Assist in leading staff meetings with the goal of helping staff grow in leadership and discipleship.
2. Oversee and prioritize day-to-day operation of church office.
3. Supervise office support staff.
4. Coordinate office volunteers as needed.
5. Give supervision to the editor of church publications including, but not limited to: weekly bulletin, monthly newsletter, flyers, inserts, brochures, programs, booklets, etc.
6. Oversee all printing, graphics, advertising, and public relations materials and programs.
7. Give supervision to all electronic means of_noemailmunication including, but not limited to: website, Facebook, mass emails, texts etc.
8. Ensure that information on bulletin boards or in other displays are kept current.
9. Serve as central purchasing agent for office supplies and equipment.

Facilities and Properties (Trustees)
1. Oversee the use of church facilities by internal and external groups_noemailanizations and coordination of the church's master calendar.
2. Attend Trustee meetings and work with Trustees to maintain all church property in good condition and to assure that spaces in the building and equipment are suitable and updated for ministry needs.
3. Work with the Trustees to develop procedures and rules for the use of church property and oversee the adherence to these rules.
4. Authorize necessary repairs to be done in the most economical manner.
5. Report to the Senior Pastor and the Trustees any extraordinary maintenance required and make r_noemailmendations for action to be taken.
6. Oversee facility maintenance to assure that key building systems remain operational and in good repair, and that meeting spaces are kept clean and suitable for the ministry needs of the congregation.
7. Keep current and accurate inventory of all equipment (furniture, office equipment, fixtures, etc.)
8. Oversee security of the grounds and implementation of key checkout system.
9. Oversee child protection policy.

Finances (Finance Team)
1. Attend Finance Committee meetings.
2. Attend Endowment Team meetings.
3. Supervise Treasurer and Financial Treasurer in maintaining good accounting records.
4. Assist in identifying budget line item overages, determining causes, and developing financial policies to assure adherence.
5. Oversee all insurance planning, updating, and maintenance.
6. Initiate annual budget preparation. Track budget with ministry and administrative teams.
7. Ensure that prudent financial practices are implemented and followed.

Human Relations (Staff Parish Relations Committee)
1. Attend SPRC meetings and serve as staff support person to the SPRC.
2. Be the administrative staff liaison between staff, pastor, and Staff Parish Relations (SPRC).
3. Work with the SPRC and the pastor to recruit, interview, hire, train, supervise, evaluate, and terminate staff members.
4. Maintain current job descriptions for all staff members.
5. Oversee the submittal of staff time sheets for conformance with employee's position expectations.
6. Facilitate annual performance reviews for staff and attend to circumstances where staff performance is less than satisfactory.

1. Attend Administrative Council Meetings (in addition to the 4_noemailmittee meetings listed above).
2. Serve as liaison between FUMC and conference and district personnel.
3. Oversee prompt_noemailpletion of reports including charge conference reports and year-end reports.
4. Oversee membership reports and keep membership lists current.
5. Evaluate effectiveness of existing methods and procedures 


- Called to serve as a spiritual leader in this local church, including participation in worship and ministries of the church
- Commitment to growth as a disciple personally and in the life of the congregation

- Prior supervisory and administrative experience
- Experience in organizing people to see projects/tasks to completion
- Experience in building and working with teams
- Experience in preparing for and leading effective staff meetings and inter-office communications
- Technologically forward-looking and innovative

- A bachelor's degree in business administration preferred or equivalent experience
- Thorough understanding of Microsoft Office Suite 

Position Information:

Job Title:
Business Adminstrator
Time Type:
Full Time
Job Category:
Organization Type:
United Methodist
Worship Style:
Church Size:
500 - 750

Contact Information:

Organization Name:
Marysville First United Methodist Church
Contact Name:
Dick McConnell
207 S. Court St.
State or Province:
ZIP Code:
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