Minister of Music

Bible Baptist Church

LAWTON, OK 73505

Category: Worship Leader

Posted on: April 23, 2017

Time Type: Full Time

Job Description:

Minister of Music Job Description
Principal Function: To assist the Pastor in leading the church in planning, conducting, and evaluating a comprehensive music ministry.
Immediate Supervisor: Pastor
1. To be a pro-active member of the ministerial team of Bible Baptist Church and to fulfill the Biblical model of ministry through service, proclamation, music, teaching, pastoral care, and administration as the Pastor directs.
2. To direct the planning, coordination, operation, and evaluation of a comprehensive music ministry to include all age groups.
3. With regard to the choir.
a. Conducting and leading will be the primary responsibilities. This includes the planning of music schedules and specials.
b. Recruiting new members
c. Overseeing regular rehearsals.
d. Preparation for choir to sing in am/ pm services as they are prepared.
4. Music selections:
a. Schedules for the month will be provided to musicians by the last Sunday of the month for them to prepare.
b. Weekly Sunday music should be finalized by Wednesday prior.
c. Schedule of song service will be submitted to media department by Wednesday of each week so they can prepare slides for Sunday services.
5. To work with appropriate committees and leadership groups of the church in determining music ministry goals, organization, leadership, facilities, finances, and administrative policies.
a. Goal of growing choir from current- 10 members to 25 members
b. Goal of establishing a men and ladies
i. Trio
ii. Quartet
iii. Teen groups
c. The teen group will sing competition:
i. At summer camps
ii. Youth rallys
d. Goal of involving the choir to sing at local community events:
i. 4th of July event
ii. Christmas event
iii. Lawton's birthday in August
6. To plan and execute the music ministry and music education program of the church by providing direction and supervision of directors of all the choirs, and other music groups of the church.
7. To give leadership to the selection of music to be performed by all groups to be sure that it is suitable for the occasion and representative of the quality that is expected by this church.
8. To plan, in coordination with the senior pastor and other staff team members, the worship services of the church and plan appropriate music for such services.
a. Examples:
i. Church Anniversary
ii. 4th of July
iii. Veterans Day
iv. Memorial Day
v. Mother's Day
vi. Father's Day
vii. Mission's Conference
9. To direct and promote special music programs which will enhance the ministry of the church.
10. To work with the music team in securing leadership and musicians for music education programs of all ages and plan training opportunities to equip volunteers for their work.
11. To oversee the work of the organist, pianist, and other instrumental participants in worship services of the church.
12. To oversee the music library and all music equipment in terms of maintenance and additions; and provide music materials, supplies, instruments, and other equipment for use in the church music program.
13. To counsel with church members about music for weddings, funerals and other special ministries as called upon.
14. To act as liaison for audio/ video operations.
15. To mentor, disciple, pray for those with whom he works, creating opportunities for community and spiritual formation.
16. To participate in community outreach music programs and give leadership to such programs as requested and as he has time.
17. To assist in visitation of members in the hospital, homebound, bereaved, especially those related to music ministry of the church.
18. To participate fully as a member of the team by supporting and assisting in any way needed in all church programs.
a. Going on weekly visitation
b. Attending or teaching a Sunday school class
Ministry Profile: the candidate shall
1. Demonstrate spiritual qualities that reflect one who has made a total commitment to Jesus Christ.
2. Have completed sufficient educational degrees.
a. Minimum Bachelor of Art or Science in Music.
b. Desired- Masters in Church music.
3. Have a passion for the position.
4. Communication as well as relationship building skills.
5. Organized and ability to follow through with projects by deadlines.
6. Awareness and knowledge of CCLI copyright laws.
7. He will be a visionary always looking for ways to expand and enrich the music program of the church.
8. Expectations:
a. He will be encouraged to maintain and enhance his musical skills.
b. To consult with the pastor in coordinating the churchs worship experiences.
c. When absences are necessary he shall give as much advance notice as possible .
Job Information:
Classification: salaried position. 30 hours per week.
Weekly staff meetings-Tuesday afternoons-9.00-10.00 am
Work schedule: Sundays, Tuesday-Fridays, special services that are held from time to time, for example conferences, revivals.
Other information about work and pay periods and vacation time is in manual and w

Job Qualifications:

Must have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.
Must be able to lead with their life.
Known to have and seeking to refine their musical skills.
Able to organize, coordinate and motivate others with desires to use musical talents.
Positive attitude as well a sense of humor.
Committed to the vision and leadership and the building up and equipping of the people.
Dependable, responsible and creative.
Able to lead and direct in a wide range of Choir and congregational music.
Ability to direct, produce special events such as musicals and programs where musicians can learn and enrich their talents.
Experience with the technical aspects such as sound boards, video and streaming.  

Position Information:

Job Title:
Minister of Music
Time Type:
Full Time
$30,000 - 40,000
Organization Type:
Worship Style:
Church Size:
100 - 250

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Robert Weger
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