Community Fellowship East Bernard

East Bernard, TX

Category: Senior Pastor, Lead Pastor

Posted on: January 16, 2023

Job Description:

The CFEB Pastor is to serve as the chief spiritual leader and overseer of this local church - feeding, leading and nurturing all affiliated with CFEB. The Pastor's main responsibilities are to_noemailmunicate God's Word, minister to spiritual needs and provide biblical leadership for the church, while living as an example of one given to humble service of our Lord Jesus Christ.
Minimum Training and Experience:
A Master of Divinity Degree (or equivalent) or training and experiences which would qualify a person to pastor and administer a Bible-believing, Christ-centered church.
Special Requirements:
1. Converted and called to the pastoral ministry.
2. Spiritual and personal integrity and maturity.
3. Strong desire and ability to share Christ and disciple others.
4. Endearing and engaging interpersonal skills.
5. Obvious motivational skills.
6. Ability to_noemailmunicate well as a preacher and teacher of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
7. Proven love for the fellowship of a local church.
8. Ability to empathize with and provide caring, biblical guidance to individuals and the congregation.
Duties and Responsibilities:
1. Proclaim the Word of God through preaching, exposition, and teaching of the Bible as the inspired Word of God during weekly worship services and other opportunities as may arise.
2. Develop goals and vision in partnership with the CFEB Board of Directors (Board).
3. Oversee staff and volunteer leaders in developing and carrying out programming designed to fulfill the goals and visions of CFEB.
4. Direct plans for ministry and church growth.
5. Develop and fine-tune the church structure based on a team philosophy of ministry in recognition that all believers are called to minister the gospel through each one's own spiritual gifts.
6. Motivate, equip and nurture the people of the church through example, preaching and teaching of God's Word and spiritual counseling in order that each will take his or her place in serving God.
7. Spend significant time in personal prayer, Bible study, and spiritual development.
8. Facilitate the contact and visitation of hospitalized, grieving, and hurting affiliates of CFEB, recognizing that the responsibility for making such contacts and visitation should be shared with others in the church with the spiritual gifts and abilities that would enable them to be effective ambassadors for Christ.
9. Be available by phone, in the office, or at another known, accessible location in the_noemailmunity sufficiently to meet the needs of the congregation and a_noemailplish the tasks associated with being the fulltime Pastor. Maintain an active email account and be responsive to text and email messages from CFEB affiliates.
10. Be familiar with and utilize modern_noemailmunication media, including the church management software Proclaim, Facebook or other appropriate social media, and the CFEB website
11. Officiate at weddings and funerals.
12. Oversee church discipline and manage conflict in the church. Seek to reconcile relationships and promote unity within the church.
13. Manage his own financial matters with integrity so as not to bring reproach upon the church.
14. Serve as advisor to the Board on all matters that_noemaile before the Board.
15. Work with various standing and special teams in a_noemailplishing their respective duties.
16. Lead in the observance of the ordinances of the church.
17. Reside within 15 miles of the_noemailmunity as housing availability allows. Any chosen residence outside this radius will require Board approval.
18. Cooperate with area pastors and leaders in matters of mutual interest and concern; represent the church in school,_noemailmunity, and other civic matters as may be of benefit to the goals and visions of CFEB.

if interested please Contact cfebsecretary@gmail_noemail for a_noemailplete Job Description including_noemailpensation information. 

About Community Fellowship East Bernard:

CFEB is a diverse group of Bible-believing Christ-followers at all stages of spiritual maturity seeking to offer the truth of God's Word to all as a non-denominational, independent church. We currently have attendees that come from the communities of East Bernard, Eagle Lake, Sealy, Orchard, Simonton, Needville, and Wharton. We are a relatively young group with about 40 percent of attendees under the age of 19. We are a fair representation of the racial and socioeconomic makeup of the area we serve.

We come from a wide range of Christian traditions and denominations with some who come with no former church affiliation. We invite and embrace all who desire to know and worship the one true God. We trust God to do the work of transformation through His Holy Spirit as each comes to know and appreciate the truth of scripture through involvement in worship, small group study and personal devotions.

Please see our website "We Believe" for more information 

Position Information:

Job Title:
Time Type:
Full Time
Job Category:
Senior Pastor, Lead Pastor
60,000 -70,000
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Worship Style:
Church Size:
less than 100

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Community Fellowship East Bernard
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Kristi Fryer
PO Box 974
East Bernard
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United States
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