Youth Director / Student Director

Grace Church

Avon, MA 02322

Denomination: Baptist - SBC

Category: Youth Ministry

Church Size: 1500 - 2000

Salary: $50,000 - 60,000

Posted on: July 19, 2023

Time Type: Full Time

Job Description:

Student Ministry Director
Grace Church, Avon Location
101 Wales Ave
Avon, MA 02322

Grace Church prioritizes our partnership with parents in leading students to faith in Jesus and helping them passionately follow Him. We know that in most cases we're trying to reach both the students and the parents who are spiritually disconnected.

The student ministry director needs to be devoted to God personally, be passionate about students knowing and following Jesus, be committed to serving through and with a team of volunteer leaders, and be convinced that parents must be reached for the long term spiritual health of the students.

The student ministry director will report to the Avon location pastor (LP). The LP will help set goals, provide resources, and offer coaching and support to help the student ministry thrive.

HUMILITY - We value the strength of others, recognizing we can't do everything on our own. We own our weaknesses, apologize quickly and forgive freely.
COACHABILITY - We are always learning, looking for feedback in order to grow as disciples and leaders. Each of us spend time with mentors in our field of ministry and come prepared with questions.
ADAPTABILITY - We choose mission over method. We plan in pencil so that we can pivot quickly when a better path presents itself. We are all called to be problem solvers and are learning from our past mistakes.
COLLABORATION - We are stronger together than on our own. We ask for input, recognizing that all of us are smarter than any of us. We assume the best in the intention of others.
INTEGRITY - We act like owners, taking responsibility for the quality of our service to God and others. We are fully honest and ask for permission rather than forgiveness.
COMMUNICATION - We use our blinkers, letting others know our intended direction. We hate surprising others that we work with and seek clarity in our conversations. We respond to all communications within 24 hours because we respect each other.

MINISTRY - Participation as a ministry director in the life of the overall church family is expected in recognition of our role's dependence on the health of our congregation overall.
Weekly location staff meetings and monthly all-staff meetings are expected, for team building and personal development
Setting and managing a student ministry budget as set in cooperation with the LP
Lifestyle that is biblically consistent in matters of integrity, finances and sexuality
Language and behavior that edifies and lifts up others
Additional tasks as assigned by the LP
STUDENTS (60%) - Develop a program to connect with the spiritually disconnected, to introduce to faith those who are spiritually curious, and to develop those who are following Jesus.
Provide opportunities for students to connect through one-on-one interaction, small groups, and larger gatherings
Provide a safe environment to foster trust and transparency
Connect the students to the congregation through attendance and service opportunities to help them see they are part of a larger community of faith for a lifetime
Maintain accurate database of students, showing where they are in their spiritual development
VOLUNTEERS (30%) - Recruit, train and manage other adult volunteers to multiply your ability to serve the emotional and spiritual needs of your students.
Huddle every semester for ongoing support, collaboration and accountability for the adults who are assisting the student ministry
Provide annual workshop or training opportunities for further development of ministry skills
Screen all potential volunteers through background checks and conversations with your LP
PARENTS (10%) - Build credibility with parents, create opportunities for them to connect with our congregation and provide opportunities for them to develop their parenting skills so their family will thrive.
Provide regular communication with parents about student events, development opportunities and any matter of concern with a particular student
Collaborate with your LP and other church leaders to provide development opportunities and resources for parents

Attendance at student ministry services and events
Salvation and Baptism of Students
Attendance and volunteer participation on Weekends
Students are bringing first timers with them
Students are giving to missions through the Hope Project
One big event for students to bring their parents
Adult to Student Ratio of 1:10
Group leaders are praying for their students daily, contacting them weekly and spending time with them outside of student ministry monthly
Three Huddles annually to develop ministry skills
Calendar of events sent to parents at the end of every semester, for the following semester
Two annual workshops on effective parenting
Attendance of new parents in weekend services

Position Information:

Job Title:
Youth Director / Student Director
Time Type:
Full Time
$50,000 - 60,000
Organization Type:
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Church Size:
1500 - 2000

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Brian Beauford
101 Wales
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United States
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