Adding a picture to your listing to improve your listing's credibility

We cannot emphasize this enough, everyone should add a picture to their listing! Just think about it for a minute. When you visit Facebook and see someone without an avatar, does it give you a sense of credibility? How about on Google+? Having a picture of the person whose data you are looking at makes a HUGE difference.

Now think about it from an employer or church's point of view. If you are reviewing resumes and some of them have contact pictures and others don't, which ones will stand out to you? Which ones will appear more credible?

Let's look at the following two examples. Which one will catch more attention and appear more credible?

The answer is simple. Do yourself a favor and add a picture to your listing. It is the best way to get noticed, and the easiest way to communicate credibility!

In addition to a picture, add a video or link to a video. The more information you provide a church, the easier you make their job of reviewing you.

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