Attaching Audio, Video, Pictures, or a PDF file to your Listing

Think of the value that can be added to your listing by embeding an audio or video clip, or attached PDF file right into your listing.

Candidates: Churches have to wade through a lot of resumes. Why not give them the best sense of you and your gifts that you can. We strongly encourage you to add both a contact picture and video to your listing. Trust us, it makes a big difference!

Churches: A logo/picture of the church and promotional video about your church gives candidates a much better sense of who you are.

We recommend using YouTube to host your video. Once you get your video uploaded, simply embed the video in your resume, or link to it from your resume here at

1. Login to your My ChurchJobs page

2. Click the Settings wheel next to your listing

3. Click Edit this listing and scroll down. You will see the following sections:

4. Click the appropriate button for Choose Picture or Choose Document File.

5. After choosing your picture or document you will be returned to the Edit page. Scroll to the bottom and click the Save button.