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Director of Creative Arts and Communication

The Bible Chapel

McMurray, PA

Category: Combined Positions

Posted on: April 01, 2016

Job Description:

Purpose: The Director of Creative Arts role is to function as the strategic point leader on the design and execution of all Bible Chapel weekend services and special events. This position must effectively lead, administrate and mobilize staff and volunteers into a team that consistently provide creative, meaningful and emotionally evocative services across all Bible Chapel campuses. High attention to quality and detail is required.

General Responsibilities:
* To lead and develop a high quality Creative/Programming Team that delivers an excellent weekend experience that is easily implemented by each campus. This includes leading brainstorming meetings to creatively develop the elements of the service that will reinforce and support the message of the service.
* Drive the quality/creative/spiritual standards (DNA) for the content of weekend experiences across all campuses.
* Lead team development and activities and oversee care structure of the staff team and volunteers. Create a sense of family within the Creative Arts Community.
* Lead and develop team of staff and volunteers that produce all video content for the church.
* Lead and develop team of staff and volunteers within supporting teams such as dance, drama, choir and technical arts and production.
* Provide leadership and oversight of church_noemailmunication strategy and implementation.
* Manage the Creative Arts and worship budgets.

Core Competencies:
* Advocate: An advocate supports, resources and promotes a person, group,_noemailmunity, cause or event.
* Catalytic Leader: A catalytic leader models servant leadership, empowers and positions others for growth and wins and actively builds a culture of Leadership Development.
* Creative Thinker: A creative thinker approaches a situation, problem or opportunity in new and innovative ways, takes a risk in implementing new approaches and fosters creativity among others.
* Evaluator: An evaluator objectively identifies the strengths and growth areas of an_noemailanization/ministry and provides constructive feedback.
* Innovator: An innovator fosters and initiates new ideas, methods and solutions.
* Standard-Bearer: A standard-bearer champions the Crossroads DNA, message, values and ministry approach, drives for healthy and effective ministry and lives a life of actively rediscovering God and inspires others to do the same.
* Performance Manager: A performance manager monitors performance, evaluates performance against goals and makes necessary adjustments to achieve goals.
* Visionary: A visionary develops, articulates and implements a vision that leads the_noemailanization toward the a_noemailplishment of its mission.
* Team Builder: A team builder uses group skills and team building strategies to strengthen relationships among team members; improve motivation,_noemailmunication, support and trust among team members; and inspire the team to maximize its potential and achieve its goals.

Spiritual Gifts: Leadership, Administration

Experience/Qualifications: Mature believer in agreement with beliefs and teaching of The Bible Chapel; Self-motivated,_noemailanized, process-oriented individual adept and working through others.

Compensation: This is a full-time salaried position.

Accountability: The Director of Creative Arts reports to the Executive Pastor.

Position Information:

Job Title:
Director of Creative Arts and Communication
Time Type:
Full Time
Job Category:
Combined Positions
Organization Type:
Worship Style:
Church Size:
2000 - 5000

Contact Information:

Organization Name:
The Bible Chapel
Contact Name:
Deanna Kratt
300 Gallery Drive
State or Province:
ZIP Code:
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