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Cypress Campus Worship Pastor

Bayou City Fellowship

Cypress, TX

Category: Other Ministry & Christian

Posted on: June 21, 2021

Job Description:

About the Worship Pastor:
The worship pastor has the mantle of responsibility to God and His church to prompt, lead, guide, teach, and facilitate worship. The goal is to deepen our understanding and_noemailmitment to being a people whose highest treasure is God. The Worship Pastor is in charge of the recruitment, auditioning, discipling, rehearsing, producing, and leading of the band that they choose to achieve the mission and vision of Bayou City Worship for the people of Bayou City Fellowship. The Worship Pastor leads weekly worship at a congregation and congregation related events, ensuring excellent worship environments through the oversight and leadership of production staff and volunteers. The Worship Pastor reports to the Lead Campus Pastor.
Pastoral role guided by 2 Timothy 1:
To serve under the Lordship of Jesus Christ. (2 Timothy 1:1-2) This means making much of the promises, grace, mercy, and peace which_noemaile from God through our Lord Jesus Christ in every aspect and_noemailponent of worship.

To pray for the church (2 Timothy 1:3-4) To be continually aware and to serve the church through intercession personally, and to lead all members of the worship ministry to do so is vital. If not cautious, a worship pastor and musicians can be preoccupied within their ranks and overlook the joy and responsibilities of praying for all.

To center our songs, prayers,_noemailments on the gospel faithfully upholding the truth of scripture with awareness and emphasis on the teaching that_noemailes through the songs sung which produces and increases faith and love for Jesus. (2 Timothy 1:8-14)

To resist the temptation to build the worship ministry on cultural trends, but rather proclaiming Christ as Lord, building on God's Word, and seeking the power of the Holy Spirit to a_noemailplish what we are promised as Jesus is lifted up. (2 Timothy 2:8-21)

To run from sin and pursue righteousness, faith, love, and peace. To warn about false teachers and unhealthy movements. To correct those trends in a spirit of concern, humility, and prayer. To remind that wrong ideas are potentially snares of the enemy that capture people. The worship pastor is subject to many people's preferences for songs to be sung, ideas to be elevated, etc. Through full submission to the Holy Spirit's leadership, the worship pastor must be alert, humble, bold. (2 Timothy 2:22-26)
To walk in integrity by the grace of God. To confess sin, strive for holiness, pursue deeper amazement at God's grace. To deny a double life. (2 Timothy 3:10-13)

To live and minister in the strength that God provides, confident in His grace, and mindful that in his own abilities, talents, intelligence, and even hard work, the worship pastor is nothing without the indwelling power and work of the Holy Spirit. (2 Timothy 4:17-18)
Plan and lead weekly worship services (song choices, worship elements, coordination of instrumentalists, vocalists)
Plan and direct weekly band/music rehearsals
Provide pastoral care for worship ministry staff and volunteers
Ongoing identification, engagement and training for those God has gifted and called out to serve in Bayou City worship ministry
Continued personal development for all that is involved in worship ministry
Plan and oversee annual worship ministry budget
Coordinate and direct Audio/Visual team for worship setting
Attend weekly staff meetings and other meetings as directed
Other team responsibilities as campus staff as directed by Lead Campus Pastor
Personal Characteristics
A clear testimony of faith in Jesus Christ and a vital, growing personal relationship with Him
Commitment to the mission, vision, and worship philosophy of Bayou City Fellowship
Commitment to moral purity
A pastor/shepherd
Humble leader who is teachable and able to develop other leaders
Relational,_noemailanizational, technological skills to provide overall leadership of worship ministry
Self-starter, team player, positive attitude
Ability to create an authentic musical environment for our people to respond to God
Desire to see musicians and artists at Bayou City drawing closer to God
Musical and vocal proficiency in order to learn, lead and produce a set of songs. Theological precision to test song lyrics, create Sunday liturgy, and to pastor with doctrinal soundness
Good_noemailmunication and interpersonal skills
A focus on details and moderate level of admin skill
Understanding of how a large worship gathering flows and functions
Working knowledge of technology and production element while proficient in ProPresenter, Planning Center, and other platforms needed.
Bachelor's Degree in Music, Worship Ministry, or equivalent program of development
At least 4 years of worship leading experience or equivalent experience

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Cypress Campus Worship Pastor
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Full Time
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Other Ministry & Christian
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Bayou City Fellowship
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Human Resources
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