Worship Pastor

Agoura Bible Fellowship

Agoura Hills, CA 91361

Denomination: Non-Denominational

Category: Worship Leader

Church Size: 500 - 750

Salary: $100,000+

Posted on: February 08, 2024

Time Type: Full Time

Job Description:

Full Time Worship Pastor
Competitive compensation and benefits


Big Picture
We are looking for someone with a contagious relationship with Jesus and a humble heart of worship. They will be building and shepherding our Worship Arts community, leading Audio/Visual Tech Teams, preparing and leading weekly worship services, partnering in creative planning and leading worship for special events in the life of the church (retreats, outreach events, etc.)
1. Weekly physical presence on worship platform both as artist and leader.
2. Planning and execution of all musical rehearsals and musical training, as well as ensuring continuity for guest leaders in their absence.
3. Training and facilitating the wider congregation to respond in worship when prompted.
4. Creating or adapting custom artistic content for seasonal events (Easter / Christmas).
Worship Service Preparation
1. Interacting with teaching pastor and working through sermon passage to gauge relevant song choices.
2. Weekly selection of songs, as well as maintaining PCO database of audio demos and charts for teams.
3. Scheduling of Volunteers
4. Preparation for prayer / meditation / transitions during worship, as well as leading communion.
5. Communicating with Tech Director regarding Audio/Visual needs to remain current with presentation.
Directing Teams
1. Worship Singers
2. Instrumentalists
3. Adult Choir / Children's choir as needed
4. Oversee Awana youth worship
5. Oversee Student Ministry worship
6. Tech Team (Audio/Visual Volunteers)
1. Spiritual investment in those under the umbrella of the Worship Arts Ministry
2. Develop and give ongoing musical/technical instruction to volunteers that wish to grow in their musical/technical abilities.
3. Recruiting and developing new talent from our church and community.
1. Managing Ministry/Tech Team budget
2. Coordinating payment to guest musicians as needed
3. Managing spending on both resources for worship (charts / multitracks) and necessary musical / visual gear.
Bimonthly Staff Meeting, Staff Conferences, Preparation/ Recruiting/Performance for Women's/Men's Events, Seasonal Celebrations (Easter/Christmas), Memorial Services, Weddings, & Various Church Events.
Spiritual Maturity
As the Worship Pastor, the candidate should demonstrate a deep personal faith and a vibrant relationship with Jesus. They should possess a genuine love for worship and a calling to lead others into a deeper experience of worship. They should also have a good understanding of biblical principles and be able to integrate them into the worship services.
Interpersonal and Communication Skills
The worship leader should have a positive attitude and excellent interpersonal skills. They should be a team player, leading people such as musicians, vocalists, volunteers, technical teams, and the congregation. This will help to foster a collaborative and supportive worship environment.
Musical Proficiency
A strong foundation in music is essential. The candidate should demonstrate proficiency leading from guitar or keys. They should also have a good understanding of music theory and be able to lead a band effectively.
Vocal Abilities
The worship leader should possess strong vocal skills, including good pitch, tone, and projection. They should be able to lead congregational singing and deliver solos with confidence and excellence.
Knowledge of Worship Music
The candidate should have a broad knowledge of various worship music genres, including contemporary Christian, gospel, hymns, and multicultural worship songs. They should be able to select songs that resonate with the congregation and align with the overall worship vision.
Leadership Skills
The worship leader should exhibit strong leadership qualities. They should be able to effectively communicate their vision for worship, lead and guide their team in worship and prayer, and coordinate with other church staff. They should also have the ability to inspire and engage the congregation in worship.

Continuous Learning
A willingness to learn and grow is important for a worship leader. They should be open to feedback, actively seek opportunities for personal and professional development, and stay updated with current trends and practices in worship leading.

About Agoura Bible Fellowship:

Agoura Bible Fellowship is a known for being the friendliest church in the area and sticking to God's Word verse by verse. Our 50+ year old multi-generational church attracts young families with our many youth events and programs. ABF has a beautiful outdoor campus where you can enjoy the services from the sunny courtyard or the Worship Center. We are tucked in the hills of beautiful Southern California (45 minutes north of LA) and only 20 minutes away from Malibu. We average 500 attendees at our two Sunday services. Our staff team is fun and passionate about Jesus. We have a heart for discipleship and a passion for reaching the lost. We are looking for someone to stretch us in our worship. 

Job Qualifications:

Experience as Worship Leader
We prefer that a candidate has a minimum of five years leading worship at a church. With the complexities involved in this position this background will be essential to fulfill the role effectively. 

Position Information:

Job Title:
Worship Pastor
Time Type:
Full Time
Organization Type:
Worship Style:
Church Size:
500 - 750

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Scott Kegel
5564 Foothill Drive
Agoura Hills
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United States
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