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The first step in getting serious about finding your new church job is to post your resume in our resume database. Our premium resumes increase your exposure to churches and are effective!

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Get Recommended!

One of the unique features of is that we recommend you to churches. Premium resumes get placed in the "Recommended Resumes" box, based on the job category of the resume. When a church logs into their My ChurchJobs account, we recommend those resumes to them. This gives you more visibility and increases the chances that a church will see you. If you purchase a Gold Star Resume you can be listed in, and recommended in two categories!

"Your site was used of the Lord to find my wife and I a position at a church! I put my resume' on and two days later was contacted. We candidated and were offered a position as Minister of Music and Worship. Thank you so much for your ministry. Blessings on you!

Tom Seaman"


Add Your Resume for Maximum Exposure

Summary of Benefits for Resumes Basic Premium Gold Star
Added to our database immediately.
Edit your listing in real time.
In Priority Search Results by Churches -
Get recommended to churches when they sign in to -
Add a Picture. (This makes a huge difference. Pictures add credibility and we highly recommend it!) -
Attach a Microsoft Word or PDF version of your Resume. -
Always listed first on the search pages so they will be seen first. -
Send your resume to anyone, whether or not they have a account. -
Marked with a special red text to make them stand out further. -
Link to Audio and/or Video Clips. -
Listed & Recommended in 3 categories - NEW - -
Ability to Suspend Listing Temporarily - -
Embed Photo Albums - -
Embed YouTube or Vimeo Video Clips. - -
Gold Star next to Listing Title (believe it or not it makes a difference) - -
Appears in Bold Type in search results - -

Pricing Information
  • Basic Resume - FREE

    • Add a basic resume to our database. Include your name, contact information, and qualifications.

  • Premium Resume - $39.00

    • Get recommended to churches when they login to
    • Include your picture.
    • Attach MS Word or PDF version of your resume.
    • Preferred placement in search results. Premium listings are always listed first.
    • Listing is marked with red text to make it stand out.
    • Send your resume to anyone, even if they're not a member.
    • All the advantages of Basic listings.

  • Gold Star Listing - Best Value! - $59.00 - (Premium)

    • Can be listed in 3 categories which means you are searchable, and get recommended, in 3 categories! NEW
    • You can embed video into your resume (hosted at YouTube or Vimeo).
    • You can embed photo albums into your resume. NEW
    • Gold Star listings have the ability to suspend the listing temporarily.
    • A Gold star next to the resume title, and appear in bold type for additional visibility. Believe it or not, the star does make a difference.
    • All the advantages of Premium listings.

    This is our best value!

    Resumes are sold on an annual basis. However, we have not yet enforced this policy so they have been effectively a one time fee. We reserve the right to change that policy at anytime.

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