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"Your service really worked for us! We got connected with a talented young man from Portland, Oregon and now he is here in Kansas City leading our team. Thank you!!!
- North Heartland Community Church"



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Summary of Benefits Basic Premium Premium+ Gold Star
Added to our database immediately.
Edit your listing in real time.
Sent out to church staff around the country with our weekly Experiencing Worship newsletter.
Search Our Resume Database -
Priority Listing on home page. (Premium jobs are featured first and stay on the home page much longer.) -
Marked with a special red text to make them stand out further. -
Included in our special "Premium Listings" box on Jobs pages for maximum visibility. -
Receive twice the number of recommended resumes when you login - NEW -
Create a Pre-Interview Questionnaire - Candidates will be required to answer your questions before applying. -
Application Manager -
Add a Picture or Logo. (makes a huge difference) -
Attach a Microsoft Word or PDF file. -
Embed Audio and/or Video Clips in your listing. -
Second Job Category - Get listed in 2 categories for more exposure. (Premium+) - -
Appears in Bold Type in Search Lists (Premium+) - -
Unlimited - Listed Until the Position is Filled
(Special request required to keep listing up past one year).
- - -
Featured on Home Page - Gold Star Listings appear in a special box on our home page for maximum exposure. - - -
Automatic Applicant Screening - Let screen applicants for you by requiring minimum experience and education to apply. - NEW - - -
PSC Email Notifications - Receive applications at up to 8 additional email addresses for PSC committee members - NEW - - -
Third Job Category - Get listed in 3 categories for maximum exposure. - - -
Suspend Lisiting Temporarily - If you get too many applications you can suspend your listing temporarily. - - -
Extra gold highlighting in search results - - -
Gold Star next to Listing Title - (Believe it or not, it makes a difference) - - -
Complimentary Date Reset - If your listing hasn't been filled in 3 months, we will re-run your listing on our front page (by request) - NEW - - -

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1 $149.00 $149.00 Basic
2 $99.50 33% $199.00 Premium
3 $79.67 47% $239.00 Premium
Unlimited *$54.83 *63% $329.00 Premium

(* Based on 6 months)

"Within this time period your site provided us contact with 100's of candidates and we believe we have found the lead worshipper God has for us with Church Jobs help. Your site was an important instrument in this important process and helped to make our efforts more productive. Thank you!" Bill Craig, Lead Pastor, Summit Trace Church
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