How long does it take to find the right pastor?

Which job listing option should I choose?
The answer is obviously different for each church, so we give you several options to choose from. Which option you choose totally depends on how you are performing your search, and what position you are trying to fill.

Each of our job listing levels come with different features to help you with your search. We suggest you look at our feature list to make your decision.

Things to consider:

  • Do you have sole authority to hire, or are you forming a committee?
    If you are a Senior Pastor or Lead Pastor and you have the sole authority to fill a position, you can get by with a shorter term. In the case of office staff, temporary workers, Interim Pastors, or musicians, a 1 month listing might make sense. If however, you are searching for a Senior or Associate Pastor, your search may take longer and you may benefit from a 3 month, or Unlimited listing.

  • If forming a committee, how often will they meet?
    If you have a Pastor Search Committee performing your search it makes sense to think about how often the committee will meet. Will you meeting once per week? Once per month? It definitely makes sense to pick a term based on the committee's slower pace. You should also keep in mind that it may take more than 30 days for the right candidate to see your listing so a longer term may make sense.

  • Candidate availability can change at any time.
    Posting a job listings exposes your position to the world for the time period you choose, but your perfect candidate may become available at a later time.

  • Unforeseen events can happen.
    Candidates can be called to your church, but the unforseen can happen. We've heard stories of churches finding their "perfect" candidate only to have the candidate choose another profession at the last minute. Wouldn't it be great to be able to have your listing available in cases like that?

Why should I choose a Gold Star Listing Gold Star Listing?

We have several options to choose from no matter what your budget, but we believe our Gold Star Listing Gold Star Listings provide the best value and most flexibility. First of all, Gold Star listings stay up until the position is filled. That means you pay us one fee and we will stick with you until you fill your position.

Gold Star Listing Gold Star Listings also include Automatic Applicant Screening where you can set minimum requirements for applicants. Gold Star Listing Gold Star Listings also allow you to post in Second and Third Job Categories, Temporarily Suspend the listing, receive email notifications for each Pastor Search Committee member, and much more.

Compared the thousands of dollars many churches spend on recruiting services each year, our prices are very reasonable and we're confident you will agree.

Once you have decided on the term of your job listing head on over and post your job listing now!