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Lead Pastor

Feather Sound Church

Clearwater, FL

Category: Senior Pastor

Posted on: June 30, 2016

Job Description:

Feather Sound Church (FSC) in Clearwater, Florida is a very special, family-like, spirit-filled_noemailmunity dedicated to preaching, teaching and learning the inerrant word of God. Our congregation is diverse in terms of its focus and membership. All of our actions, decisions, etc. are, above all else, for His Glory.

We know that God is working through FSC and He still has much to teach us. As with many churches, we are not without our struggles but our congregation is_noemailmitted to and excited about what God has next for FSC.

Our Lead Pastor should have a calling in these areas:

Preaching/Teaching Biblical Truth He must deliver the skillful proclamation of all parts of God's Word. The Pastor must be a skilled teacher of sound doctrine.

Prayer He must be given to prayer on behalf of the assembly, both public and private.

Protection He must discern attempts to subvert sound doctrine. The pastor must keep "wolves" away from the sheep, attempting to silence false teachers.

Shepherding the Assembly He must encourage, admonish,_noemailfort, and challenge the flock.

Equipping He must help church members identify, develop, and deploy their spiritual gifts.

Managing/Leading He must manage the assembly on God's behalf. The pastor will plan,_noemailmunicate, consult, make decisions, and speak on behalf of the assembly. He will work successfully with deacons and other leaders.

Be Zealous He must hold a future vision of the church, while inspiring the congregation to grow spiritually. The pastor should prepare the congregation to serve those around them. He must develop and encourage evangelistic efforts to save a lost and dying world.

Leading in Church Discipline The pastor is responsible for the rebuke of the flock when needed.

Leadership Development The pastor must make continued effort to disciple other key spiritual and administrative leadership in the church.

Job Specifics

Full time 40 hours per week with regular office hours

Ministry Activities
Prayer and study time for continued personal development
Develop and provide vision, leadership, discipleship and direction to other church leaders including Deacons and Sunday school teachers
Develop relationships with members of the church body requiring availability,_noemailmitment and trust
Connect with and develop relationships with the preschool director and key staff members
Connect with and develop relationships in the local_noemailmunity
Care and shepherding of those unable to attend services, the hurting and the lost
Reprove, rebuke, admonish and counsel appropriately with sincere love and concern

Worship Services
To include Sunday 10:10 a.m. service and all additional services determined (Good Friday, Easter, Christmas, etc.)

Prepare for, preach and teach God's Word
Regular_noemailmunion and baptism services
Officiate at weddings, funerals or other

In Addition (excerpt from By-Laws)

The Pastor is our spiritual leader and our shepherd. Among his many responsibilities are leading our worship services, guiding us in our Christian service and growth and teaching us to know and live by the Bible. Additionally, the Pastor will be involved in parish visits, performing dedication of children, baptisms, marriage ceremonies, funeral services, counseling and ministering to the ill and troubled. He will represent the church and be available for relevant_noemailmunity projects. In conjunction with the Board of Deacons, he is responsible for_noemailanizing the work of the church and for maintaining its smooth functioning. He is the full-time operator of our church. His advice and counsel will be sought by the membership, the_noemailmittees of the church and the elected officers. He is an ex-officio member of all boards and_noemailmittees and a voting member of the church as a whole. He will propose, and be a promoter of, projects approved by the Board of Deacons.



The husband of one wife
A mature Christian
Above reproach
Temperate and self-controlled
A good manager of his own home
Respectable and gentle
One who does not love money
Able to teach and preach effectively

Position Information:

Job Title:
Lead Pastor
Time Type:
Full Time
Job Category:
Senior Pastor
Organization Type:
Worship Style:
Church Size:
less than 100

Contact Information:

Organization Name:
Feather Sound Church
Contact Name:
Tim Nixon
13880 Feather Sound Drive
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